Lets have a conversation on driving a package delivery truck

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  1. Wilson1397

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    hey, I was in the top 80% in my class
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    Of bed wetters?
  3. Analbumcover

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    Your ideas make too much sense, which is why you left UPS. Can't have too many decent ideas floating around otherwise IE would be facing some big-time staffing cuts.
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    We don’t want any improvements. It’ll be an excuse for them to take money away on the next contract.
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    Orion. It’s awful. Get rid of it. We need RDO back, SERIOUSLY.
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    Going to the back of the truck and grabbing a package. It's worse when Orion wants you to deliver a stop off of different shelves at different times. Keeping the next couple of stops in your cab would speed things up.
    Less stops lol. Not having to scan every package. Would make mis deliveries more common though. A better loading system. Line the shelves with the Orion stop order instead of the edd.
    You're taking work away from Union employees. We'd just push them off in the river. I could see it plausible if we delivered like 20 stops to the robots in a subdivision and set the robot to go deliver.
  7. Netsua 3:16

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    Matter of fact, anybody who makes decisions like this pertaining to OUR JOB really outta be a helper for one day. One of those full 12 hour days right in the middle of peak. You want to be educated on what our job is like? Give us more resources to make the job go smoother? Come out with us when it’s 5 o’clock and we have a truck full of outbound and 120 stops left in the front
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    I wouldnt tell this cretan a thing. Hes doing intel to try to make our jobs expendable
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  9. All 3?
  10. OrioN

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    Here are some on a postal step van...


    That & a solar powered roof fan should be sufficient
  11. barnyard

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    1. Eliminate the end range motions involved with driving. Currently, they include: setting the park brake, shifting the trans into drive and then into park. Most of our package cars are poorly designed in terms of turning on the hazards 100+ times a day (I cannot see the switch or the dash flashers in my truck). Make the seatbelt easier to stow (I slide mine over the steering wheel, so that I can easily put it on when I get back in.)

    There should be a fan in the cab on the dash and an exhaust fan in the cargo compartment.

    2. more strictly enforce size and weight limits. Use productivity enhancements to shorten the work day. Adding more stops results in more repetitive motion injuries.
  12. Implement a NFC chip (6in reach) that can be put on a wrist band or in a watch that will get rid of the FOB and use the buttons freely without worrying about the keys Incase we don’t hit the buttons fast enough etc, also bring back the automatic seat belt and common sensor that used to be installed back in the 90s
  13. The classes with the big head phones didn’t count
  14. Recess lunch and gym?
  15. Not sure, just whenever the bell rang.
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    Omfg. Why don't we have this!!!!
  17. barnyard

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    Does not matter what drivers think. If UPS decides that they are the way to go, they will be and there will not be anything we can do about it. Ask railroaders what happened to the caboose.
  18. CitizenTruth

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    Lmao ups dont listen to us, let them run their own business
  19. WTFm8

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    Leave in gear and apply the PROPERLY ADJUSTED parking brake.
  20. Brownslave688

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    Management has told me it’s fine to put in park