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    Dear Fred,

    According to an expert here on BrownCafe, all we employees have to do is write you a letter and everything will be A-OK!! We know you're a swell guy who really values his frontline employees, so we know that you will listen carefully and address all of our concerns. After all, you are all about PSP and having all of us deliver the Purple Promise!! Oh, my kid is having a birthday party next week. Can you come? We're going to have cake with purple and orange icing, grape Kool-Aid, and lots of Costco hot doigs and pizza. God, I hope you can come. It would make our little Fred's (he's named for YOU) day!!!

    Here are my concerns. Thanks for your valuable time!!!

    * Restore our Traditional Pension Plan
    * Restore Jumpseat
    * Restore Profit Sharing
    * Restore 3 year topout/pay progression
    * Eliminate multiple Market Levels
    * Lower insurance premiums and high deductibles
    * Make Tuition Refund accessible
    * Restore regular wage increases
    * Restore the split shift premium
    * Stop mandating long split shifts
    * Stop union-busting
    * Stop giving millions to politicians
    * Stop giving millions to politicians who help you keep the RLA exemption
    * Stop targeting senior employees for elimination
    * Stop targeting injured or sick employees for elimination
    * Stop age discrimination
    * End "gap" reports
    * Hire intelligent management
    * Stop paying huge salaries and benefits to our top execs
    * Quit flying politicians around on our corporate jet fleet
    * Quit treating pandas better than people
    * Quit wasting millions on crap technology that is worthless
    * Don't ship our jobs over to Ground
    * Pay your Ground drivers (yes, they're yours) a living wage and benefits
    * Get insurance carriers who are medical providers, not medical deniers
    * Stop your paid shills from spamming websites that talk about FedEx

    Wow and golly jeepers!! That was easy!! There's so much more you've done to err... for us, but these are enough concerns for now!!God Bless you Fred, and thanks for being a great American business leader and hero to all of us our here in the field!! We love you and know you'll do the "right thing" for us!!

    Sincerely, and with True Adoration,

    MrFedEx (Living the Purple Promise for YOU)
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    Well said, but just a reminder you are fortunate to be living in the Greatest Country on the Planet, You have a Job, you have a family, you have a home, you have your health, and just understand how lucky you are. Today I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about Teen Slavery in Afghanistan. We have it made! Nobody owes you anything. If you feel bad about the way things are, you dont have to look too far to see someone who has it a lot worse off than you. Thats how I sleep at night.
  3. MrFedEx

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    You are comparing apples with donuts. God bless the USA and the ream job that Fred has been giving us for 20 years now. Please wake up...
  4. vantexan

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    He lives in Australia? Who knew?!!
  5. MrFedEx

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    Yep. Crackey, mate!!
  6. DorkHead

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    How would you know all this about MrFedEx? Are you privy to his personnel file? Does anyone besides your family really care how you sleep at night.
  7. jmeti000

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    First question is what type of teen slavery? If it was in a sweat shop, I wonder what U.S. owned company its for? If it was for the sex trade, then thats a problem thats everywhere (yes, even in the good ol' USA).

    Second question, have you ever done anything to try and stop it such as some type of public service, volunteer work, or served in the military on any mission whether foriegn or domestic in an attempt to bring some sense of stability to the area and stop said practices? Or does the extent of your help stop at mailing a cashiers check to Nyugen Boymer because you recieved an email for someone selling a car to pay for their kids food and they would send you back the difference?

    XFILED Member

    Well said Mr.Fedex!!! You took the words right out of my mouth...
  9. Goldilocks

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    I'm so glad you have taken my advise to sit down and write it out. Now, have employees at your station and others to sign it and mail it to Memphis. Bet you will see some fast action. You may want to take a few of those lines out but other than that go for it. You should already know this since you have been with the company over 20 years, right? This is a very good constructive letter. I really do challenge you to send it in. And no, you will not get fired.
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  10. Goldilocks

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    HE##, for all I know he might be light in the loafers. It really doesn't concern me! He's just always on here bitching and does nothing about it. So like I have said in many of my post the system is in place for a reason. Quit bitching and do something about it......
  11. jmeti000

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    So are you going to be one of the first to put your signiture on it?
  12. Goldilocks

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    Gladly, are you? I have nothing to hide. Unlike some of you with fake names ( and no my name is not Goldi but I have not a problem to share that info) that like talking and talking behind FS back and not doing anything about it but bitch and gripe. Yes, MrFedEx had some valid points and yes they should be addressed, but not on a forum, instead use the system that is already in place. JMO....
  13. jmeti000

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    Hmmm, You seem a bit hostile today from some of your posts...maybe its just how im percieving them though, kinda hard to tell over the computer sometimes. Just FYI, I dont really think this is bitching and griping behind anyones back seeing as how it IS as you said an open forum, which mean that Smith himself could easily come on here and take a gander if he really cared. And I could be wrong, but I dont think anyone is trying to actually address any of the issues on or through this forum, but rather utilizing it as a method of discussion between peoples with similar ideas and ideals. Places like this are how movements can get started and create momentum, especially when the situation is such as it is in Express with people being spread out over distances.

    As for the letter, of course I would sign it, but I would prefer it be rewritten in a slightly more professional and presentable manner than its current form, but there again thats one of the uses of a forum such as this...bitching, complaining, griping, finding other like minds, and bringing them together utilizing each contributors experiences and resources available for a greater common goal. The next step for the goal of writing a letter to me would be taking the compiled list from the OP, as well as any other additions and obtaining the appropriate supporting information to strengthen the arguement (because you know it will just get filed in the trash otherwise, and still might anyways). Once thats done, the letter writing can commence, and the final can be sent from a trusted source to individuals wishing to sign it, and even those in question or still suckin on the purple and orange crazy straw. Once there are enough signitures, the letter goes in the mail to Fred.

    See how productive bitching and griping can be yet and how it can bring people together yet? Exactly what a resource such as this is/was intended to do...dont you think?
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  14. TUT

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    How many other countries have you tried out?
  15. Rhoderunner

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    Very nicely put. Now can we do some kind of full page USA Today informational ad with this letter ??!!!??? :wink2:
  16. MrFedEx

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    If you're going to send a letter, why not send one to Mr. Jimmy Hoffa, who has sat on his fat ass and watched us twist in the wind without lifting a finger? This idiot wants to grow the IBT, and then he sits on his hands while Fred has his way with us over and over. One has to wonder if there is a Swiss bank account for Mr. Hoffa that gets yearly deposits from Mr. Smith.
  17. Cactus

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    Well that wouldn't surprise me a whole lot. Hoffa Jr's dad that's been dead for 37 years has done more for FedEx couriers than his idiot son.
  18. MrFedEx

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    Well put.
  19. DontThrowPackages

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    I was thinking the same think lol. I hear this so much but the same people that always seem to say it are the ones that have never lived anywhere else. Its like saying Nevada is the best state in the USA but they're never been past lake mead. We as a country are rank so low in so many indices. Time to open your eyes, we're no longer the best.
  20. Goldilocks

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    I would like to wish all of you the BEST. My intentions were not meant to be vicious but only tried to guide you in a different more positive direction. I too know that Fedex as a company has changed, wish it could be the way it use to be, but those days are long gone. One thing that has not changed are the wage employees that give their very best everyday. My hat goes off to everyone of you because YOU are the ones who make this company survive. Without you, this company would not be around. I know things are not great but try to make the best of everyday, life is too short.