Liberal Hypocrisy: Hating the rich

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by big_arrow_up, Oct 1, 2012.

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    Why does the left hate the rich? What do they seem to hate them more than the terrorists that have attacked us? Or the nations that launch cyber attacks against us and steals our military and corporate secrets? Is it jealousy? I can almost understand that. But jealousy doesn't justify wanting them to pay higher taxes (in dollar amounts not percentages) than everyone else and it certainly doesn't justify the hate.

    The biggest question here is why oh why do these people keep electing the very type of people they seem to hate? I mean most of our elected officials are pretty well off financially. The thing that is really strange about that is that many of the people they elect share the same hateful attitude towards our nation's most successful as their hateful constituents. So, do they hate themselves? Maybe but apparently not enough to pay more taxes. You know.....their "fair share" that they are always demanding from others. Hmmmmm.....very interesting. I guess it's ok to be rich as long as your a member of the Hollywood Liberal Elite or are left leaning elected official. But one thing is a certainty here.....liberals are the hypocritical human beings there are. Pure and simple.
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    The anti-American dissent is largely, though not solely, based from wealthy Westerners invading their soil and killing their people, and forcing their lifestyle down their throats.

    I don't think we would see near the attacks from terrorist orgs if the above were not occurring.

    This is not a chicken or egg theory, we know which came first.

    So why should we like the rich, a gang of unknown tyrants want to dictate the quality and path of everyone elses lives for their own benefit?

    And by rich meaning, excessive wealth.
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    What if the so-called left and the so-called right both have it all wrong?
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    Radical muslim violence has been occurring long before the United states ever existed. It is naive to think that now because we send them so much money for their natural resources that they hate us.

    Now please define "excessive wealth" because I think its important that people know where the line is that wealth goes from being necessary to "excessive".
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    Impossible, it is the left whose tired old philosophies have been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions in just the last century alone. It is the left who is after a utopia that will never and can never exist, while those of us on the right understand that utopia is simply allowing the individual to choose their own path in life.
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    But the muslims have only begun to attack us in the last 30 years so what changed over that 100's of years that muslims have been violent?

    Odd that in the period of violence towards us, we involved ourselves in their nation's affairs and one way is giving them money as you rightly pointed out. Or was it the fact that we financed their govt's and moved their leaders around like it were our personal chessboard?

    And are we doing so because our ally is threatening the US along with the NATO nations with the Samson option? When do friends hold a gun to their friend's head?
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    I don't know, what did change? Not easy to put a finger on it...
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    The right I see and hear are generally equally in love with the state as the left, perhaps a little less so in certain areas. However, the fact that they (maybe including you too, Brett) trumpet their "conservatism" - yet generally they're more of a moderate Democrat than anything, is just an outright lie.
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    I wonder how Hunter S. Thompson would answer your question?
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    There are plenty of RICH liberals who believe they should be paying higher taxes. Nobody hates the rich, only the ones who hide their money overseas and hurt america. Only the rich who move their companies to third world countries at the sacrifice of the american worker. Only the rich who believe in excessive profits instead of helping american communities by building products in local cities. Only those RICH who say Phuque the american worker and then pay some chinese juvenile 25 cents a day to assemble shoes.

    The RICH are not the friends of america.

    We had three presidents who believed protecting the rich would help the poor, and that didnt work out so well. REAGAN, BUSH & BUSH protected the RICH and all three screwed america.

    BUSH2 did the most damage by almost causing another depression and almost wiping out the United States of America as we know it.

    You call it hate, we call it disposing of the garbage. You can go out with it if you can fit in the can.


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    Jealousy is a dangerous emotion. Just look at some of the responses to the points I made at the beginning. But then again....that's what liberalism is fueled by. Pure emotion. And absolutely ZERO ‚Äčlogic.
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    Oh why do liberals hate the rich, why do liberals want to conduct class warfare, why do liberals envy success.... you middleclass right wingers are so clueless.
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    I can't expect people with the mental disorder called liberalism to actually understand the correlation between their jealousy of success, and their hypocrisy in giving the limousine liberals they elect a pass for being successful. Actually....I've noticed that its fruitless to ever expect anyone that is an emotional wreck to comprehend any logic.
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    But what if liberals were the creators of Laissez Faire economics? What if those liberals believed this economic form could better distribute wealth across the population strata by means of natural market forces instead of gov't interventions? What if those same liberals were the prime force behind the idea of limited gov't? Why did the great free market voice Frederic Bastiat sit on the same side of the French parliament (the left) as Joseph Pierre Proudhon who said "Property is theft!"? How well do we really understand the historicity of the whole left/right concept to begin with?

    What if historicity showed that both modern conservatives and modern liberals are thus fakes and frauds and thus they are wrong?

    I therefore return to my original question.

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    A good start would be to look up the definition of Liberalism, before you continue trolling.
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    I would start with the root word "liber" which from the latin means "the free ones" and also means "book" or source of knowledge. Liber is the word for bark which was an early material upon which writing took place, thus knowledge was transported to others.

    From liber we get:


    Notice a trend that both knowledge and liberty have a strong connection? Now why would America want a dumbed down population incapable of knowledge, critical thinking and the use of words?

    But in Big's defense, how come the modern idea of liberal in the political landscape of partyarchy doesn't fit the historical use of the term?
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    I believe you two are in the wrong thread if you are here to discuss "classical liberalism". Classical liberalism is not what Big_arrow was regarding this thread towards, but towards modern progressive liberalism, or what can best be defined as statism. I maintain that the modern liberal is one of this countries greatest adversaries because they work from within our borders to tear down this nation and everything it stands for. They are more concerned with the rich who helped provide the capital to create the jobs which built this nation while coddling and appeasing Islamic terrorists who seek to destroy it. I have noticed that the modern liberal has a strong self loathing quality about themselves which drives them to hate what makes their nation great while supporting forces and ideals that seek to tear it down. This is why I maintain that their contributions to society in the future needs to be greatly diminished if we are to get out of the mess we are in today.
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    So you are a modern progressive liberal? From my POV, you advocate statism!
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    Simply because I don't advocate anarchy like you do doesn't mean I support statism.