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    Last night before break I noticed alot(4-5) of nicely dressed people crowding around the Houston load... During break I asked the Houston guy if they were going around checking everyone out(been having problems with load quality and misloads on our belt past couple of weeks). He had told me before that his load had to be near perfect in quality, I thought he was joking for the most part... Anyways when I asked him he said that someone had walked by while he had gotten alot of crappy soft packages and was waiting on some solid ones to build a real wall. So the wall showing looked like crap... Well apparently the person who saw this didn't like it and called all the other higher up guys.. They told him to get out of the truck, and they took the trailer back around to unload and sent it through the whole process again. I was amazed at how ridiculous they were acting.. So after break I'm told to come over to the Houson load( oh god...). They tell me that I'm to load this truck now, since I have the best load quality(I think they just knew no one else would do it)and that it has to be perfect. So now I have 4 managers and etc watching me as I load this truck, meanwhile getting all sorts of.."No you can/should/better do it like this". The reason I'm posting is because I heard that when the load gets to Houston they actually take pictures of the load, wall by wall. Was just wondering if this really happens or if they're just trying to make me stay on my toes?
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    havent worked the warehouse in over 16 years but back then they would take pix of loads that pulled in that were absoultely horrid..
    ive also seen them take pix of loads that looked solid...

    2 process a whole trailer all over again is just ridiculous IMO..
    I only loaded for 2weeks thankfully we had people who preferred that over the unload...
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    A lot of times I see them take pictures of loads that come into my building. They aren't loaded properly, I doubt anything happens. I think they just take pictures to shove it up the butt of the boss of where it came from. When they were telling you to load it this way and that way you should have asked them to give you some hands on training..
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    I load really well when they let me do it my way, solid walls, nothing leaning... It was just annoying hearing them correct something that didn't need correcting. It's only done with the Houston load, the absolute perfect walls, that is. I've been told it has something to do with the boss of Houston being our Boss' old boss. I don't know, don't care, as long as they let my do my work. And I better get my damn hat, haven't gotten a misload since I started.(only been 4 weeks though. :D )
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    Good luck with the hat. lol.. Next time they try to correct something that doesn't need to be corrected ask them "Why, what's wrong?.
  6. yeah on the preload side, I have a manager (not saying which haha) that offers criticism for things that arent really wrong as well. IF there isn't something, he'll invent it, just to criticize something. On of these was on my best loaders, if the PAL isn't perfectly straight when facing the isle he speaks to him about it....I think he should be glad the loader is making time for pulling PALs period, but hey thats just the loader in me talking I guess. If someone has some large RDR/RDLs out that will make walking in the truck impossible he'll explain why stacking isn't necessary anymore with PAS...except he's said he understands we need to at times before.....(hypocrite?). Oh well, smile and nod.
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    We take pictures in the unload and send them up to Jacksonville to show the nonsense... Over 70s stacked on top of non over 70s waist high. irregs above shoulder height, pallets stack to the celing...

    Now if they are doing the above to harass you you can file a grievence for over supervison...

    Now if they don't like your load they can load it and by that I mean train you for three to four hours while YOU STAND AND OBSERVE... As long as they have a hourly standing around and being paid, supes can work to train but that is one supe working for each hourly standing around.
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    At our center we take pictures of the horrible job the local sort does at parking trucks, they park them all crooked so the whole line has a 3 inch gap on one side of the back bumper. Sometimes they leave the trucks touching so none of our hourlys will touch them and a supe has to come pull it out and leave a big scratch in the side of the truck.
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    My question of them would have been, " If the other guy wasn't loading it correctly why isn't HE in here instead of me?" Seems to me the first loader was the one needing the training.
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    I don't know what the reason was in your situation, but I have directed trailers to be unloaded and reloaded before.

    Sometimes, it was to make a point, other times it was to save money. How does this save money???

    Again, I don't know what happened in your situation, but sometimes, I would notice a destination that was generating more trailers than I thought it should. I may have noticed this by audited the load, looking at the number of pieces loaded in the trailers, or from audits at the destination.

    I would have the managers take note of the % full that a trailer was. I'd then put in a good loader and unload the original and reload it. We would always see a significant decrease in the % full that a trailer was.

    In essence, we could demonstrate that more pieces could fit in the trailer.

    If I could save a TOFC, or Feeder run, saving $1000 was easy. The cost to unload and reload was probably less than $100.

    Again, I don't know why they did what they did, but those are my reasons.

    I DID however take the time to explain to the loaders what I did and why. They usually were proud that they could improve load quality and demonstrate higher pieces per trailer.

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    I understand what you're saying and think that what you were doing is fine. But when I say this load had to be perfect, I mean it had to be PERFECT. I can understand a really sloppy load having alot more air space than it should, but the previous loader was doing great in my opinion. And it sounds like you would do that to any load, regardless of its destination.. They only seem to care about this Houston load. So from what I saw, this trailer was loaded better than the rest of the belt when they sent it, and only it, back to unload. I'm not worried about it, if they don't like how I load it, or how fast(or slow :D ) I load it, they can find someone else. This person will probably also be replaced. Oh well.
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    If this kind of micromanagement shows up again, just say to them "yes, you're right. I should be more careful and take more time." They'll love that.
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    I always try to work as a team, and it part of my team effort to put out the best product possible. I will show someone the right way if they are open to improvement, and if they are not I try to leed by exanple........I have seen them take pictures. That can reflect on the people that loaded the trailer.