Loader on 5th day. Advice?

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  1. JohnnyBoy12

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    Well to start, I'm on my 5th day as a loader. I'm doing good, but I think I have been trying to hard. They keep trying to push me hard, tell my im kicking ass then the next minute tell me I need to go faster. They're trying to kill me. They get :censored2: even when i go to get a drink and tell me to hurry. The pt supervisors aren't all that old and then they're calling me still just a baby for being 18yrs old. They all look only 3-4 yrs older than me.

    Supervisor was with me for the first 2 days then they left me saying im awesome at it and dont need any help. They keep switching me to different loads and the load charts they gave are all wrong for the loads they have me in. Id like to memorize what zips go where.The supe that was with me apparently took over the other supes new hire so then they came over to me. Some girl and this other starts yelling at me. Then say your doing fine and then they start yelling again saying my walls suck or im going to slow. They put me in a high volume load and said i really shouldn't be in this on my first week. Although im doing pretty good. Told me they wanted to see how much i can do....The chute was getting all backed up and i was frustrated as can be.

    I averaged 316 packages per/hr yesterday. Then they still tell me I need to go faster. I can't go much faster.... Even trying to get 300/hr is hard for me.

    Some of the feeder drivers told me just to go at a steady pace and ignore them yelling at you.
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  2. Johnny Paycheck

    Johnny Paycheck Speak softly and carry a big stick.

    316 in the first week is way above pace. In the wise words of tan belt, "You're working too hard." In your first week they want you're expected to be at 175 or something.

    It doesn't matter how old your sup is, he's your boss, show him a basic level of respect and you should get the same out of him.

    As far as the alternating positive/ negative feedback, yeah get used to it. They're trying to motivate you to improve without making you feel like :censored2:, and it doesn't go away. My sup still comes in my trailer and goes "You're at 350 PPH, that's pretty good. I think you can do better though." Then you just inform him that loaders no longer get to go home when they reach 2000 packages like when he used to load.

    "Still just a baby" is a good one. We've got a 18 year old whose still in school. I'm in a high volume trailer that will often have 2 loaders and a flow pusher. If the conversation turns to drinking or sex during work or break someone always shouts "Tim cover your ears!"

    Find a rhythm. Respond to commands. Collect your check and go home.
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  3. Anonymous 12

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    Look sharp don't get cut.
  4. Island

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    Let me be the first person here to say, get out and don't look back. It only gets worse. Not as frequently annoying, but deeply unsettling.
  5. jumpman23

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    If you got your 30 days already in and your in the union, work at the pace you feel comfortable at mentally and physically. Next time they come at ya with some bs harassment tell them to go grab the steward and ill meet you upstairs to discuss the matter. End of that problem real quick lol. Listen to advise of the drivers your loading for. You don't want a bunch of :censored2: off drivers at ya, and don't be like the rest of the loaders who don't take pride in their work. Its all about work ethic son. Good luck youngblood.
  6. Shep92

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    All I can say is Welcome to Hell. I regret pushing myself because if you do and build up potential, they will keep you with what you are doing and never let you go. However, if you are in the union already and they constantly bitch to you, tell them to grab a union rep. That will shut them up and they wont bother you the rest of the night. Use it to your advantage on hot days when its 95 with high humidity. I've been a loader for almost a year now. Their scare tactics don't work on me anymore.
  7. joeboodog

    joeboodog good people drink good beer

    It's the UPS way. You satisfy one standard they will find something else to complain about. They seem to always find something to complain about. We are set up to fail.
  8. HBGPreloader

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    Welcome to UPS.
    Don't take it personally because this is how the system works. They just want to make sure they get their moneys worth out of you (and then some).
    I would suggest just do the best you can - while growing some very thick skin and working safe.
    However, be aware that, in very rare circumstances, that just might not be good enough. I highly doubt it though.
  9. kingOFchester

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    Once u make book, do less then the top 25% and more then the bottom 25%. That is the sweet zone at ups. Middle of the road. If you are in the top 25% they will expect more and more from you. If you are at the bottom 25% you will be harassed daily. Fly in the middle.
  10. Johnny Paycheck

    Johnny Paycheck Speak softly and carry a big stick.

    He's not union for another 5 weeks. Wait until you hit seniority, TS.
  11. Kevin222

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    although its physical, it is way more mental. Start counting down the days until you reach seniority.
  12. you aint even know it

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    Lol, great idea.