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    Package cart preload?
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    Folks giving you sarcasm cause they been thru what you gone thru. They learn is what I am going tell you now. Put the packages on the right truck, work at a safe and comfortable pace. Let the drivers know if you got HINs out of sequence place on the floor.
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    Not sure if this is the dumbest thing you've said or not, but it's right up there!

    I'd like to see your hub, where managers handle packages more than the rest of us.....
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    Work at the head of your flow at a 45 degree angle and as you stack packages for optimal carries, test packages for weight and shifting contents. It doesn't take much - but a brush of your hand. Then you'll know whether you can put 2 envelopes and a small or whatever and successfully carry it into the car. Don't build carries on stacks. Don't build multi car stacks or grab multiple items thinking you will remember. As much as you think you can, or you do, it increases margin of error.

    if you're overloaded it's pointless to stack 5-8000 HINs. You can usually quickly reach into a car and hit the smart scan beacon and step out in just a few seconds. Never stack RDR/L either. Running a small to your last car while the flow is light might seem pointless but if your next boxed are all for your first car, it won't mess you up.

    This helps me and might not help you but hopefully it makes you reevaluate your loads to find a better way to do it. I like stacks 3 or 4 high that I can grab with a hand and pull tight to my chest so I can write HINs as I walk and still use peripherals to scan for labels or bands or other :censored2: to trip on.

    Good luck. Be lucky you get 15 seconds. They want us to do 1 in every 5-7 seconds or three in 10 seconds or less, LOL
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    Our building has no cooling except customer counter, ors offices, and bathrooms.

    Heat is enough to get it to the 50s ‘inside’ as long as the garage doors are kept closed. In the addition tho it’s freezing and a bad draft
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    Welcome to UPS. We are a production company, not a ballroom. You will get used of their Harrasment soon, I meant "Standard requirements".
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    If you're going to end up stacking out anyway, use a stack of bulk or an irreg outside your car as a table. Aim for somewhere between waist and mid chest.

    Use one that maintains egress, depending on your work area.

    If you're stacking out and picking things up off the floor all day you will kill your back. 300 times a day is 1500 times a week or 6000 more times a month bending over pulling packages.

    You can also use a large reinforced box ahead of mfl/mfr to put your 1-4000 stacks on. If a box is going to stick out anyway and be in your way you might as well plan for it and use it. Then when you come back in and have a second to catch up, stuff is right there at waist height and only needs to be put on your left and right.

    Please only use reinforced, sturdy or heavy duty boxes for this. It can save you from a lot of strain on your body. Try to find ways to help you handle packages fewer times.
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    It is done by controlling belt speeds. Try to keep up.
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