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    Thanks BUG.

    Charges are not on the way.

    Charges against the IBT re: the master need to filed with the NLRB by March 11, 2019 or within 6 months of whenever you can prove you received your ballot. (everyone should have received the voting instructions and changes in contract language between the 2nd and 4th weeks of Sept. 2018)

    Charges against your Local will be deemed timely if they are filed within 6 months of your awareness of your Local's NLRB violations. Some of the locals have not yet finalized their supplements. Some locals have been forced by the IBT to abandon further bargaining and the IBT has ordered ballots sent out without clarification on major changes in working conditions, pay, and terms of employment.

    So, the 6 month cut-off date will vary based upon when you receive your final ballot from your local. If you don't know the exact date; don't guess. Put "on or about the date if you don't know.

    If your local threatened you or retaliated against you for being part of a vote no group; you must file within 6 months of the date of retaliation or threat.

    Labor and the Local stating that they do not know if RPCDs who have not worked M or T will have a right to bump 22.4s on a Sat or Sun is a major disconnect and an absolute violation of the NLRB act. The IBT and the Locals are required to disclose this information. If the IBT would have been able to censor NorCal's language or overrule the language; this would not be a major problem. But they couldn't and now it is a major problem.

    And yes; the colluding POS 243 officials will be voted out. These idiots recommend a NO vote NOW! About time, you morons.

    For some reason in 2013 and 2014; Local 243 used our dues to send out numerous postcards recommending a YES vote.

    YET; 243 is eerily Post Office shy on mailing out any VOTE NO postcards.

    These jokers can not hide behind a Vote No campaign that they know will be overridden and forced thru by the IBT.

    This contract most likely will be forced through.

    The colluding pieces of garbage at 243 will absolutely be voted out.
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    Please provide proof of this! At this time I am not saying you are wrong, I just can not find proof of the 6 month statuary requirement!
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    It's true in regards to NLRB charges, 6 months.
    I know this isn't proof, but I'm willing to bet.
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    You would have made the correct bet.

    Form NLRB-501

    " By statute, only charges filed and served within six (6) months of the date of the event or conduct, which is the subject of that charge, will be processed by the NLRB."



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    I did. I don't think you are a prick. Just arrogant.
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    The biggest problem I see with (some) elected Officials;

    If they are out of UPS, and assigned as a BA to represent the UPS members.... they

    still have that "Employer vs. Employee" mindset.

    Meaning, they will let the company treat them as such.

    It's all in how you present yourself.

    Given the chance, the company will try and walk over anyone.

    If you let them....
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    Teamsters who believe that their rights protected by the NLRB act were violated re: the information contained in the ballot mailed out in Sept. must file soon. Ballots were mailed out during the week of September 11, 2018. That 6 month deadline is drawing near. The 6 month deadline is not very pliable; if at all. A complaint is almost guaranteed to be thrown out if it is past the 6 month cut-off.

    File before the deadline and you will still retain the right to amend or supplement your complaint.

    If retaliation or retribution by the Teamsters or UPS knowingly occurred at times before or after the ballots were received; that same 6 month limit holds true.

    ie: if you have been informing members to vote no today (02-27-2019) on supplement(s) that are to be re-voted; and the Teamsters or UPS retaliates against you today; you have 6 months from today to file.
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    How can 243 recommend a no vote now? These are the same issues we had with the master. We asked for protections months ago. Why didn't 243 recommend a NO vote on the master?
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    22.4 was proposed by the union.

    And yet no one in the Master, Central, or 243 negotiating committees addressed or created language protecting 40 hours for RPCDs?

    Major problems on the horizon for the IBT and 243. What a disgrace
  11. I presume that you meant if they used to work for ups?

    If so, I disagree due to knowing many BAs that had worked at ups and seeing them be able to use the past animosity the company cultivated with them as an employee (and often as the steward) as a BA as long as they remember where they came from.

    One of the non ups BAs I know will do anything to appease companies in their local. This BA still doesnt understand many of the basics of our job. The best ups BAs are the ones that actually know our job content, having done it for a living, and then they never diminish the fighting spirit regardless of the perks the company tries to use to take the edge off the sword.

    It's always telling when the steward can settle grievances better than the polluted ba can.
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    I thought that was clear ?

    And, I did qualify my statement by saying (some).

    Some BA's are intimidated, because of never doing the job, and are afraid to

    make mistake's that could cause irreparable damage.... or they are lazy.

    UPS and DHL are the only two companies I have represented that are in a panel

    system. All the rest, are white paper contracts including Police, Dairy, bus drivers,

    manufacturing, etc. One mistake there.... and you're looking at arbitration

    that can be very costly on a Local, especially a small one.
  13. I wasn't sure if "out of" meant outside of or from.
    I was not taking shots at your statements.

    Lazy truly rings a bell.
    Corrupt rings a bell too.

    What would you think of a BA that would walk into an office of a business and ask the management what it would take to keep an employee fired who has been taken out of service?
    Is that laziness or is it the worst kind of corruption?
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    Just a terminology difference.... no big deal.

    Seriously ?

    If true, that's beyond stupid and opens up a lot of legal liability.

    An ass kicking at the least.... and probably both.
  15. You think about that.
    There's witnesses.