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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Brownpants80, Jan 15, 2019.

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    That is spot on. They have for all intent and purpose taken themselves out...out of office.
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  2. Talk is cheap.

    Watch out for their dues paid lawyers "acting in your best interest", running the local election.
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  3. browned out

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    243 has a compelling argument(s) for the NLRB charge. The following is against the law:

    Refuse to furnish information the union requests that is relevant to the bargaining process or to the employees' terms or conditions of employment

    This is key because we have asked for information regarding whether an RPCD would be guaranteed 40 hours per week and if an RPCD was not offered work on a M or T; could that RPCD bump a 22.4 on Sat or Sun.

    243 has told us that UPS "does not know". therefore UPS has refused to furnish info re:employees' term or conditions of employment.
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  5. BigUnionGuy

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    Can you cite, specific instances of this happening ?

    The Central Region and State Panel decisions are easily accessible.

    Maybe a name.... or, case number ?

    Says.... who ?

    Good for you.


    Exactly.... what is a committee man ?

    Maybe @browned out could educate us.

  6. Inthegame

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    I must be missing something.
    L243 is still in the Central Region therefore covered by the CRT Supplement. CRT Art 12 Sec 1 language re: full time employees guarantee remains unchanged. The only omission in CRT 12 Sec 1 is the 9.5 piece which now (unfortunately) follows the NMA Art 37.
    If the RPCD is not in the top 90% put to work on their first scheduled workday, they have no guarantee of 40 hours. Unless your CRT Local Union rider allows for midweek bumping to a different workweek, I believe the answer is no, which is the same as it ever was.

    Now if the lost work is continuous, employees have the seniority rights of CRT Art 3, and UPS should be reminded of their ability to alter FT schedules.

    What is confusing with your attack on the administration of L 243 is this issue is exactly what the former (retired) ST of L243 would relish to take on, and in most cases, successfully.
  7. Bubblehead

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    Where are these decisions "easily accessible"???

    Perhaps you could provide a link...
    Safety Committee....Wellness Committee....Sales Lead Committee???

    That is a good question, because all of those committees are nothing but fluff, staffed with clock suckers and butt kissers....except me.

    As the only Locally appointed member of the so-called "Safety Committee", I only show up at about 5 meetings a year (they never when), always with a list of concerns, then follow up with grievances and governmental charges if they aren't addressed.

    Perhaps @browned out rolls like me???

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  8. BigUnionGuy

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    The members Local Union hall.

    That's funny.

    People are to lazy to vote.... Or, show up at monthly meeting.... but would

    expect to view Union documents online ? Don't we have enough TDU locker

    room lawyers already ?

    Not a chance.

    He get's his/her information from FaceBook and the TDU website.

    It's almost verbatim....

  9. Bubblehead

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    How late are they open....and will they give me a copy, or will they only let me read it under supervision?

    Can I take notes, or will they confiscate my cell phone at the door?
    My Local holds their meetings on the first Thursday of every month, at 7pm.

    I typically make about 5 of the 9 meetings (we go "dark" June, July, and August).
    I only make those because the Hall is less than 2 miles from my Hub.

    The rest of the Local draws from about a 50 mile radius, encompassing 6 UPS facilities, partly explaining why we usually have less than 50 members out of 5,000 in attendance.

    In November I got there at 7:15 and the meeting had already adjourned, explaining why nobody cares to attend.

    Miss 15 minutes and you miss a month....#nocontentbydesign
    Yes, that's exactly what I expect in 2019 for $90+ a month....

    What do you have to hide???
    No, we don't have enough "locker room lawyers".

    Another name for them would be "engaged members", which seems like exactly what the IBT doesn't want?

    If they existed in bigger numbers, they would ask questions, vote in sufficient numbers, and hold "Big Union Guys" accountable.

    Instead, the mantra is "don't ask questions, get back in line, and trust blindly".

    No thanks.

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  10. Bubblehead

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    That "ommision" in reality actually happened in 2013-14???
    Like the Central Region would ever strike over 9.5 issues...."the Hammer", what a joke.
    But these "not in the top 90%" drivers still have the right, per Article 12, to a posted schedule on their last work day of the week prior....right???

    ....and if they are "scheduled" while not in the "top 90%", it still entitles them to at least 6 hours of pay if they report and are not put to work....right???

    The perils of scheduling drivers for a 5 day consecutive workweek, while providing service 6 days a week (M-Sat), has a complex variance of daily routes run that may expose holes in contractual language in the CRT unless strictly enforced....and for sure is completely broken in my Local .

    We have many "not in the top 90% drivers" scheduled as "on-call" every day but Saturday, without the ability to bump into the sorts the rest of the week, because of a bogus Company assertion that Article 3, Section 8 of the CRT doesn't apply because of our Local Seniority Application.

    So now they get to work only on Saturday these weeks, while not being able to draw unemployment as a result.

    BTW, it doesn't say on their "first scheduled workday", it says on "the first (1st) workday"....no chance UPS would challenge that I'm sure???
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  11. browned out

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    A Committee man is the same as Steward Alternate.
  12. browned out

    browned out Well-Known Member

    It is abhorrent that some Union Leadership protects it's own interests more than it upholds the sworn duty to the members. The Union and UPS continue this practice to "weed out" the strongest teamster members who are problems both to UPS and to the incumbent leadership.
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  13. browned out

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    The link is extremely hard to find for the grievance panel decisions. It is non existent.

    I will explain what a committee man is:

    We are old school in the Hoffa Sr's backyard.

    In 243; we have Stewards who do not pay dues. And then we have a committee men who are elected, but still payed dues. They have all of the same responsibilities as the Stewards. (As the committee man is the steward when the the actual steward is off, be it vacation, disability, etc.) In most locals; they are called alternate stewards. I do not know if alternate stewards in other areas of the country pay dues or not.

    I have been a steward and/or alternate steward in the part time and full time ranks. I would think it would be about 15 years combined. I have about 30 years in; so I know I am not a career union rep. 15 years is still a big chunk of time. As BUG stated; it is a very demanding position with a lot of negative outcomes. Losing more than you win is a fact. But, you just keep on representing your brothers and sisters with vim and vigor.

    I do not know of any clock-suckers or butt kissers who work for "free" as alternate stewards (committee people) They still pay dues and are willing to represent the members….but(t) thanks for your support?
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    I mistakenly typed non existent. Documentation on UPS arbitration awards and court decisions have existed for years.


    Useful information is readily available but it is not accessible to the members or even the stewards. I think BUG has easy access to these records without having to go to the hall to view them.

    It would be outstanding if the package car driver steward who is working 55 hours plus could have the convivence of viewing these documents at home.

    Keeping us in the dark, get back in line, trust blindly, don't ask questions is exactly the type of non-transparency that is FINALLY getting these jokers voted out of office.
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  15. BigUnionGuy

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    I can't speak for your Local.

    If it's me.... call me up, and come on down.

    And at the end of the day, who would you vote for ? ;)

    What do you think the average member is going to glean from reading decisions

    that say "Based on the facts presented, the claim of the Union is denied."

    You can get a transcript of the case. But, it costs money.

    I can tell you this;

    It doesn't matter what day or time, your Local has their meetings.

    People that want to be there.... will be. Everything else is an excuse.

    The "hammer" reference is what what Hoffa won back in the freight industry.

    After our lord and savior (Ron Carey) gave up that right under the NMFA.


    I don't agree with the company's claim, about your Local * Rider.

    What it states.... is if a "permanent job" is eliminated.... the affected employee's

    have bumping right's and/or the ability to go "on call".

    I would grieve it.

  16. Bubblehead

    Bubblehead My Senior Picture

    Who said anything about Local *?
  17. browned out

    browned out Well-Known Member

    I undoubtedly roll like Bubblehead.

    A corrupt union official is a corrupt union official. It doesn't matter if it's TDU, TU, or Hoffa. When someone; anyone is a cancer to the union, they need to be removed from office.
  18. browned out

    browned out Well-Known Member

  19. Superteeth2478

    Superteeth2478 Active Member

    Whoa whoa whoa, hold on there, not everyone that is part of the safety committee is a clock sucker and butt kisser. I always bring my own/member concerns to meetings and encourage people to file complaints with OSHA (and do so myself when they don't). Hell, I skip the grievance process as regards safety concerns because it never appears to do anything in the first place. It's no secret that I'm public enemy number one for management at my hub.
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  20. BigUnionGuy

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    You can certainly learn something from @Bubblehead.

    Not liking the answer your Local official gives you.... doesn't make them corrupt

    or complicit with the company. It's just a "fallback" excuse of the weak.

    Verifiable proof will make that happen, in any Union election.

    But, with undocumented speculation....

    Veteran elected Officials can debunk that, rather quick.