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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Brownpants80, Jan 15, 2019.

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    Kid.... really ?
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    The internet is "timeless"???
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    Sorry, I guess I should have said Pops or Gramps?. Still no answers?
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    Being that I have seniority.. Sir.. would be appropriate. :biggrin:

    @browned out.... you're really confusing me now, and talking in circles.

    We all get it.

    You're unhappy with the local situation.

    But, continuing to call your Local leaders incompetent (based on what others have

    told you) and saying the Local Rider is a sham and alleging collusion with UPS....

    Then, you drop this little gem:

    Wait.... what ?

    You go on to admit you're not a steward or have any plans of being one.

    But, are going to run against the lowdown, double dealing, scoundrels, that

    are Officers in your Local ? Further on, you keep talking about filing NLRB charges, but

    always include with that statement "hopefully it won't come to that."

    But, you would have the gut's and backbone to fight UPS for the members ?

    Short of saying what I really think.... I'll just stick with confused.

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    The next steward election is the same time as the next local election; so I will run for the higher position of BA, Sec Treasurer, Vice President, President, etc.
    I am extremely confident that I will win whatever teamster rep position I seek in 243.

    I do not know how many grievance hearings you have been to, panels you have attended; or how many Teamster UPSer livelihoods you have saved; I have fulfilled my duty and saved numerous livelyhoods. Thank you for all your service.

    NLRB charges for the Union's failure to represent members during contract negotiations? I hope it does not come to that. I do not know of anyone who wants it to come to that.
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    I'm sorry. I try to stay out of these kinds of arguments but I'm a little intoxicated.

    Please tell me how you have saved numerous livelihoods? I'm curious how a non steward/BA does that.

    I can understand informing someone of a contract violation or how to file NLRB charges but saving a members livelihood as a regular member is something I'd like to know how to do.

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    Mentoring, as a member of the Safety Committee?¿?
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    Something just don't smell right with this person, being an actual member of local 243 for decades I know that steward elections are normally held at the locations people are working not at the hall. The only steward votes I've ever witnessed at the hall have been for work areas or assignments with wide ranging start times like the feeder dept in some buildings. And steward elections are scheduled at the beginning of new contract cycles not at the same time as local elections.
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    I never begrudge anyone for running for office.... it's your right. Good luck.

    Way too many to count.

    I'll tell you something one of my mentors told me....

    It's a thankless, and very negative job. But if you do it for the purpose of

    helping others, don't be disappointed or disillusioned because you will always

    lose more cases that you win. Especially discharges. You just have to remember

    that you didn't put that member in the position (or advise them) to do what they did.

    That was just a joke.... hence the smiley face.

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    NLRB charges regarding local 243 supplement negotiations have been filed against the company recently. For those that are interested go to teamsters243.org, there's a membership meeting Sunday January 27 to address this.
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    Maybe @browned out can sleep at night.... now.

    He and his "advisers" haven't had to do it themselves.

    http://www.teamsters243.org/docs/January 27th Notice.pdf
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    It was my responsibility as a Union steward and a committeeman. I have saved members livelihoods by defending them from trumped-up dishonesty charges amongst other things.
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  13. browned out

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    You are correct. The vast majority (including ours) but not all of the UPS Steward and committeeman elections are held at the hubs or centers.
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    Hmmm...where I come from "dishonesty" whether trumped up or not, gets one out the door. Are you saying as a steward/committeeman you've saved members livelihood and returned them to work? That's usually BA territory.
    By chance, are you related to olroadbeech?
    There's a wee bit of different responsibilities in the listed positions and anyone not sure of which level they're willing or attempting to take on needs to do some serious reflection.
    I've seen more than a few over confident all-stars threaten to unseat incumbents and then show their real abilities by not figuring out the simple nomination process.
  15. Bubblehead

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    While I can't claim that I was ever "responsible" for returning anybody to work directly, after being discharged....

    ....I can certainly say that I have been successful as a Steward, on several occasions, in keeping someone from being walked out in the first place.

    A savvy Center Manager knows that when it is in his/her purview to keep something "in-house", and top give an employee a deserved second chance to correct a mistake, that it beats having a pissed-off Steward putting them under the microscope too.

    That being said, I don't remember that ever being the case in instances of blatant dishonesty.
  16. Inthegame

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    And that's a very satisfying feeling, the reason you stepped up in the first place. That said, a wise bettor would put your body of work against anyone, and come out a winner.
    Now if we can only find and clone a savvy Center Manager...
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  17. browned out

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  18. browned out

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    Yes; 100% correct; as a steward and committee man. As Bubblehead referenced; preventing someone from being walked out in the first place is of utmost importance. Once an employee starts losing these battles; the next step gets that much more difficult to overturn.

    Our membership would have voted the incumbent company-controlled hacks out years ago. But; the last time the incumbents ran opposed cost UPSers their jobs.

    This may come as a shock to you. Many of the UPS Teamster locals work hand in hand with UPS.

    Anyhow; I am not afraid of any incumbent retaliation for having the courage to stand up, and actually lead the teamster ups members.

    The membership is fed up here.

    Time to take out the garbage.

    The leadership will be changing in 243.

    They are OUT.
  19. @Dragon of course.
    Or @Fitbit App :)
  20. "Taking out the trash!"

    Whatever floats your boat.
    Sounds like a great slate name.
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