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    I was hoping to enlist this response from someone, because I knew it would strike a nerve with somebody.

    Obviously my frame of reference is very limited to qualifying my assertions of "clock suckers and butt kissers".

    It actually am surprised it took so long???

    May I ask you how it came to be that you are a member of your "Safety Committee"???
  2. BigUnionGuy

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    Then, why show up ?

    Really ?

    Without following the established grievance procedure ?

    How many issues have you solved, by not following the contactual procedure ?

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    Yeah, I figured you knew that your frame of reference was limited, and I can figure that MOST of them are clock suckers and butt kissers, but you made a statement that was an absolute so I responded accordingly. I've just always been active with the members as far as being a union steward goes, and the CHSP co-chair at the time asked me to be a member, and I figured "why not?"

    I've been working at my hub part-time for a long time now, so I have a lot of experience as far as what working unsafely does to you. I actually want to help my co-workers avoid the problems I've had to deal with due to working unsafely. Safety rules coming from a disinterested member of management have less influence on a co-worker than safety rules coming from a union steward who actually practices what they preach and clearly has the interest of the member at heart. I only ever give suggestions, though, and leave the rest up to the member as far as following the suggestions.
  4. Superteeth2478

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    Maybe because I actually do care about my co-workers' safety?

    Yes, I do skip the grievance procedure.

    Yes, I encourage employees to file OSHA complaints without following the grievance procedure.

    Several, and I am currently working on another one right now. Sometimes the grievance procedure doesn't even need to be involved. Simply telling a member to refuse unsafe directives (like, for instance, loading a truck that had an uneven area of grating that was a tripping hazard when otherwise they would have continued to load it but constantly complained about it to no avail) fixes A LOT of safety issues. And I always make sure to tell the member to mention my name if a member of management gives them any heat for refusing the unsafe directive...and that is all it takes for the member of management to realize that the issue needs to be fixed.
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    How is this not verifiable proof? It is on the court record. It is evidence. Why wasn't the union official removed from office months ago for violating the Teamster Constitution? I don't care if that union official is TDU, TU or loyal to Hoffa.


    The leadership at the top of the Teamsters did not remove this "Rep" who was colluding with UPS Labor Mgmt. in an obvious attempt to get a member discharged. This type of inaction is what is very disturbing. Hoffa/Hall either condone, endorse, turn a blind eye, or direct this type of behavior to protect their loyalists.

    This is not a slap on the wrist offense. It is a severe violation of the Teamster Constitution.

    Don't view this as a TDU/Teamster United vs. Hoffa issue.

    If the officials name on the email was Fred Z.; There would be no viable excuse for not removing him from office. The severity of the violation would be the same no matter the affiliation.

    How would you address this violation? or How did you address it?
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  6. Superteeth2478

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    BUG sees just about everything as TDU/Teamsters United vs. Hoffa, that's never going to change. It shouldn't even matter. Factions in a union are an oxymoron.
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    Were there internal union charges filed against T McCready?

    Did T McCready also file election charges against R Atkinson for campaigning while on duty, or did he only try to bring reproach against him by emailing the Labor Manager about it??

    ....and how on God's green earth has this still not been settled by the NLRB yet???

    What a mess, SMH.
  8. browned out

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    McCready is/was in UPS management. Atkinson was off work that day while campaigning. The Union Official who colluded with is B R Fischer

    This case is probably still years away from resolution.
  9. Bubblehead

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    Then I am confused, as I don't see where B R Fischer "colluded", or was even cc'd in this email???
  10. browned out

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    The email address [email protected] is Fischer. She emailed UPS management. She wanted them to discharge Atckinson for stealing time. Unfortunately, her "little" scheme was foiled as Atckinson was off that day.

    Someone should be fired. BRF is a disgrace. Any union official who acts in such a manner should be removed from office.
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  11. Bubblehead

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    I see it now, the email in the photo was not the original, instead forwarded up the food chain to F Williams, a name I recognize as well.

    Unforgivable Betty.
  12. She isnt the only one that has pulled that stunt.
  13. Bug, you cant always get an 8 hr request on a specific day to be at the local meetings by 7 pm.
    Even if you want to you don't always get to.
  14. LOTS of issues have been solved by skipping the local grievance venue.
    When that system is broken you go to Plan B.
    A signed document to a governing agency skips the grievance filibuster.
    Not all locals are the same (thankfully) but we have much success on our own without the local trying to take the investigation out of the reporting member's hand as reported by the OSHA agent.
    You have no idea.
  15. Superteeth2478

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    This precisely. I know that the management where I work doesn't give a rat's ass about anything that doesn't hit them in their pocketbook. And it's not like plenty of members haven't tried and failed in the past to file grievances for the issues in question only to have the grievance sit for months on end. So I choose to skip that step based on past experiences.
  16. I'm not presuming to speak for @BigUnionGuy but there's a stark difference between his experience and ours.
    That's what precipitated my screen name.
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  17. Bubblehead

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    I understand what you are saying, but am not ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater yet.
    My preference is to believe that in capable hands locally, supported by a Panel who stands with the members, the grievance procedure has the teeth to settle most issues.
    While my Local also stockpiles grievances for years, especially those with the most liability to the Company, it doesn't have to be this way and must change.

    I will say this, I agree with @BigUnionGuy in the thought that it is not wise to skip any remedy to any issue, in the event that it is ultimately litigated down the road.

    I recently had opportunity to follow the the blueprint of exhausting all means, and even though my grievance is still yet to heard, OSHA has investigated and ruled against the Company on my complaint....and they never differed.

    It didn't happen overnight, and required some help from a friend, but ultimately got it's due diligence through perseverance and fortitude.

    Now the Labor Board....that's a different story, as they always differ to the grievance procedure for at least 12 months in my experience.

    But again, I would rather work toward fixing what is in a state of disrepair, rather than throwing it in the scrap heap and reinventing the wheel.
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  18. BakerMayfield2018

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    Congrats. Need more members like you.
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  19. UnconTROLLed

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    This is frowned upon in our local. However, if there are real safety concerns to address, which the grievance procedure will take one month or one year and not help anyone immediately (which is the most important factor), it's usually going to be best to bypass the drawn out grievance procedure.
  20. Bubblehead

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    Why not do both?

    OSHA charges for a timely remedy....and a grievance hopefully for a long term, sustainable solution???
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