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    Uh oh- Bug won't....like this. Lol.
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    So in other words;

    RA didn't have a case.... and withdrew the charge.

    Explain this statement;

    Where can I read the "hundreds" of Emails ?

    And, who are all these other Locals.... that are conspiring with UPS to discipline

    all these Teamsters.... and infringing on their rights ?

    @browned out

    We're beating a dead horse.

    RA didn't have the intellectual "wherewithal" to combat the simpletons at UPS.

    Even as Steward for 14 years. I can't fault him.... it's just embarrassing.

  3. I know of one.
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    You most likely have access to the hundreds of emails already.

    If not; Use FOIA. It is a good place to start.

    Hopefully BUG's local is not on the list of emails.

    We are not beating a dead horse.

    We are putting down rabid dogs.

    We are defeating corrupt and/or incompetent union officials at local elections.

    In 2021, the members will change the garbage leadership at the top.

    Attempting to correct UPS's and Hoffa/Hall/BRF corruption is a tall task. We can conclude that UPS and The Hoffa Hall BRF & ?BUG? have refused to change their unethical behavior.

    So we will vote the corrupt leaders out.

    Along these lines "The two enemies of the people are criminals and government,so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first."

    Many of the Hoffa/Hall Teamster Locals epitomize that Thomas Jefferson quote. They are no longer bound by the IBT constitution.

    Precedent will be set.
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    Answer the original question @BigUnionGuy .....

    That one email from Miss Betty to a UPS Labor Manager....was that reproach???

    Just say it to save your credibility....please?

    @browned out , don't let him muddy the waters with the entire case file.

    Nail that bitch to the cross.
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    It was harrasment, retaliation and numerous violations of the IBT constitution. Now, they continue to not be forthright. They have a history of retaliation against political opponents.
    BRF should have been removed from office long ago. These type are thick as thieves because, they are thieves. These cowards only turn on the members.... They will not report criminal union officials in the Hoffa/Hall/Taylor fold. BUG will not be able to respond to the one BRF question.

    How many members' livelihoods have the Hoffa/Hall loyalist corrupt locals stolen?
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  7. The (true) stories we could tell you.
    Garbage is correct.
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    BUG still will be unable to answer that question on the record.

    Betty Rose Fishers (BRF) retaliation has achieved it's ultimate goal and purpose.

    BRF's retaliation and IBT constitutional violations continue to go unpunished or even to be addressed by the IBT. This is a direct violation of the IBT Constitution.

    BRF's retaliation and NLRB offenses have intimidated everyone in Local 538 and possibly all UPS Teamsters and other Teamsters in Joint Counsel 40...and beyond. No one dared run against her in the last election.

    Retaliation beyond a doubt was proven by court documents on the record.

    There were no repercussions or any accountability re: BRF's NLRB violations.

    A political opponent (RA) was discharged after 27 years of service. The first 25 years + (RA) had minor; if any disciplinary issues. All of a sudden (after being vocal in objection to a POS CBA and after running against BRF) a disciplinary history based on very minor infractions was built. Then; RA has a "history" of not following mgmt. instruction. The local BA (BRF) pretends to care and gets some discipline reduced. All the while the end game has already been decided. The facade of representation is used to "protect" Local 538 and JC40 from a Duty of Fair Representation lawsuit.

    UPS Teamsters who contemplate seeking any position in 538, JC 40 or beyond; are deterred and most likely intimidated by this unethical behavior.

    For all intent and purpose: The message sent was....DO NOT oppose us or you will be disciplined, discharged or have your employment terminated.

    Even IF we are caught red-handed; YOU still will be discharged. You will not get your job back. We will pretend to represent you for appearance and lawsuit purposes only. DO NOT CHALLENGE US; for ' We are the great Hoffa/Hall Teamsters like BRF , and we are BEYOND REPROACH.

    Retaliation and termination of a UPS Teamster (243 incumbent; an actual election opponent) of over 25 years occurred in the UPS Teamster Hoffa/Hall/ crony Local 243 as well.

    The Hoffa/Hall/Taylor Teamsters are not representing the members of UPS.

    How many UPS Teamster locals are utilizing the same criminal tactics as (BRF) Local 538, JC 40, Local 243, JC 43, etc. continue destroying anyone in their path? A LOT.

    All bad things must come to an end. The legal system can work.

    The criminal actions of many union reps will not go unnoticed for much longer.

    BUG, Have you been running unopposed? Can you produce a better answer re: BRF's behavior than ' the emails should have been destroyed. no paper trail'?

    What is happening to this Hoffa/Hall/Taylor crony pretend representation? Is it unfolding crumbling or both? One thing for sure...is that it is being exposed.
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    You do understand charges must be filed (by a member) concerning this alleged transgression to start the process?
    Has that been done?
    Otherwise, only the IRB, now IIO, has the constitutional ability to skip this step.
    Has that body been notified?
    "Exposing" old news on BC might be good politics but won't get the investigation you supposedly seek.
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    I don't understand what you're confused about ?

    Again (how many times ?):

    RA never filed charges, or even filed grievances to protest (?) active warning

    letters when he went to the Panel. A 14 year Steward didn't know (or follow) the

    proper procedure for that.... let alone.... anything else.

    My question is, why are you trying to make him some sort of martyr ?

    He stepped on Mr. Johnson.... and then went running to TDU for help.

    The rest of your post is mindless speculation.

    Or, you think the IBT and Local 243 are reading this.... and are afraid ?

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    I do....he asked you a simple question you will not answer.

    Do you think that that individual email from Miss Betty to a UPS Labor Manager constitutes reproach?
    How could RA file Internal Union Charges in regards to those emails, when they didn't surface until his case with the Labor Board was investigated and heard, long after his discharge was upheld at a Region Panel?

    Pretty sure he wasn't a Teamster anymore at that point.
    Don't you have to be a member in good standing to do most anything within the Teamsters Union?

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    And due process, should be suspended ?
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    What "due process"?

    Don't tell us that you are also claiming to be an Adminstrative Judge for the Labor Department as well as a BigUnionGuy on an anonymous internet forum too?

    It's a simple question, with an obvious answer, that you refuse to answer....and makes you look rather silly as you continue to dodge.
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    Why would BRF and the IBT.... be expected to address a charge....

    that "might" have happened ?
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  16. browned out

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    Precisely, RA was not a teamster at that point. BRF put him on withdraw 6 months after his discharge. BRF was a major factor in destroying RA's career at UPS.

    BRF's behavior rises above what UPS and the Teamsters would constitute a "serious offense" or a "cardinal offense"

    That being; UPSers are determined to be guilty until proven innocent. UPSers are taken out of service without pay until they can prove they did nothing wrong.

    What would BRF's answer be to this question? Betty Rose, why did you inquire in an email to UPS Labor Management about RA being on the clock?

    I know BRF is not bound by the CBA. But it is preposterous that BUG keeps trying to make excuses for her.

    The reason for BUG's making excuses or refusing to acknowledge the despicable behavior of BRF is heartbreaking to solid teamsters.

    It is the way the majority of the Hoffa/Hall/Taylor/Etc. locals "deal" with political adversaries.

    It is the Hoffa/Hall way. It is endorsed, directed or blindly accepted.

    Any local who ignores this type of horrendous betrayal of members is culpable as well.

    We will continue to vote them out.
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    My question is, why are you trying to make him some sort of martyr ?

    RA is not a martyr; he is a courageous teamster fighting for teamster values. The corruption and UPS/Teamster collusion goes far beyond RA's case.

    At least 50,000 UPS package division members wish to see the collusion tactics of UPS and the Teamsters go by the wayside.

    Or, you think the IBT and Local 243 are reading this.... and are afraid ?

    It is highly unlikely that the IBT and 243 are "afraid" of anything. What is more plausible and possible is that the IBT or 243 will again retaliate. Let them try.

    The injustices and betrayals by the IBT, JC40, JC43, and other Joint Counsels; Locals 538, 243, and other locals resulted in dire consequences to those who stood up for what is right.

    Experience & information gained in those cases have added up over time. The retaliatory terminations are invaluable to what we are trying to accomplish. The courageous teamsters who lost their livelihoods due to UPS and Teamster corruption are not in vain. All we are trying to accomplish is to rid the Teamsters of blatant corruption. It would be a utopia if we could get rid of all the corruption. Whether the corruption is from Hoffa/Hall, TDU, Teamsters United or any other entity; It must be dealt with.

    The Hoffa/Hall union has already unfortunately shown their unwillingness to follow the IBT constitution and go after corrupt Teamster officials like Rome A.

    I am required to expose a teamster turncoat. And here it is yet again. This is inexplicable and inexcusable.

    Fischer e-mails Tom McCready, Division Labor Manager at UPS. It was an e-mail that contained a screen shot of a Facebook post that Atkinson wrote after campaigning at Asbury Graphite (Atkinson was running for Principal Officer of Local 538 against Betty Rose Fischer). In the e-mail to Labor Manager McCready, Fischer suggests that McCready should look into whether Atkinson’s time spent at Asbury was while he was on the clock (he in fact had the day off).


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    OK, but...
    Hard to vote out incumbents when no one runs against them.
  19. Bubblehead

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    Hard to run against them when you are fired???
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    At least a couple of large Locals leadership were voted out (Dallas and NY). This is not a trend. Corrupt, incompetent, colluding union officials who don't represent the members will be voted out.

    RA's local may be a lost cause due to the fear of certain retaliation by BRF and JC43 and termination of UPS employment. And knowing the fact that BRF's rule is absolute. And that she can not, was not and will not be held accountable for her Teamster Constitutional major violations. If BRF's reprehensible behavior is ever recognized and dealt with; then; and only then will someone have the nerve to run for office in 538.

    I can guarantee you that we are not afraid to run against the garbage here in 243. The last person who did was retaliated against by the Teamsters and discharged. That does not deter us in the least. We are dealing with an entirely different set of circumstances than RA was. We looked under the rug and found dirt. Not to overuse the clichés but we have an ace or two or ten up our sleeves.

    The fact is that as more locals change leadership; this leadership will hold the BRF's accountable.

    It will not be all slap dick Red Vest wearing corrupt Hoffa/Hall/Taylor clowns at the next Teamster National Convention.

    Change is on the horizon.

    Time to take out the garbage. There is a lot of trash; so it may take some time. Steady as she goes.
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