local 251 is alive again!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by east center, May 1, 2014.

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    Alive again, finally there is movement again. We are organizing, educating, keeping members involved. Feels good, with all the negativity putting behind us. The opposition at the meetings is getting smaller. There group dwindled down to a handful of guys. Thank you 251 for changing. This is a positive post for once!
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    Tell me about the rabbits George...
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    I'm sure Stink isn't to happy about this. He seemed to claim that Joe B would win reelection hands down. He was expecting B to make an attempt to try to recapture the local and return it to its shady days. But since B is working at Wal-Mart he's not in good standing. I wonder if Stink will have the balls to form a slate in three years and try to revive the legacy of B. Perhaps he could have Sean "the gangster" O'Brien campaign with him to oust the much hated TDUers that are running his beloved local, haha!

    Stinkie, TDU is there (L 251) to stay. How does it feel to be governed by them?
  4. Some people eat rabbits.
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    The same old guard supporters that said we have to work with the union to make it stronger (like stink)are the same ones that want to tear the leadership of 251 down.

    Go figure.
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    Ok Lennie one more time.