Local 728 '2007' election


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Are there any 728 members over here besides me and scratch king?
Has anyone heard what slates mat be running?
I haven't heard a thing except rumors on another site.
How 'bout you scratch?


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I haven't heard of anybody running against Randy Brown, I will vote for him again anyway. I am pleased with the changes he has made. I see my Business Agent in the building more, he knows me by my first name, and I notice that he is there all hours of the day to see people on different shifts. I like the website, the mailings, and the e-mails I get. It made me mad that Hoffa made us redo the last election by making us "vote until we get it right", meaning the slates for him got beat twice now. I have not seen or heard at my building any evidence of anyone running against him, although like you said, I have read on another Discussion Board this subject being brought up. Randy Brown used to be a Package Driver in my Center a long time ago, in fact his brother was my CPA for a while when my family ran a farm for ten years (big tax shelter!). I have known him a long time, he believes passionately in Teamster Reform. I think he is doing an excellent job.:thumbup1:


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It wasn't Hoffa. The opposing slate filed charges that weather we like or not, had to be addressed. I realize we don't like to see more money spent on an election but we have rules in place that must be followed by all. If Randy would've lost and another slate had some fishy business, don't you think he too would've exercised his right to protest the results?


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I think that is him. Is/was his wife involved with the union? He was with freight I believe, but it's been quite awhile since I met him and his wife.