Local 728 Georgia is Walmart

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by RollTideRoll, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. RollTideRoll

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    Our local is now being referred to as Walmart. That's right Walmart. Our union has slighted every UPS Steward who was working to become a full-time B/A. Our new full-time B/A is a retiree from UPS. Just like Walmart, our local is putting retirees to work. Every UPS steward in this local should be outraged and let the Members First Slate, I mean Retirees First Slate know in Nov. 2010. Yes, the powers that be can make anyone a B/A. However, this decision should be a leadership changer.
  2. 705red

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    What is the matter with hiring a retire back? Maybe the other Stewards where not ready to be brought up! For you to come on here and with your first post attack Randy in this way is uncalled for! Randy is a stand up guy and has always put the members first and if he did what you say, than I am confident it to was in the best interest of the members!
  3. ups79

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    so the majority of locals do not allow a retiree to work in certain categories and draw their pension, but it is okay for a retiree to become an employee of the union?
  4. Monkey Butt

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    Sounds like Double Standards.
  5. slantnosechevy

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    I think you'll find most locals are relaxing those rules. While they don't neccessarily promote it the thinking in our Local(710) is a retiree taking a job away from some scab is good for promoting the union. They call it salting.
    I'm with 705 on this one. With UPS becoming the biggest single source of members in the nation, many locals have few UPS experienced BAs. What better than to have a former employee who had it broke off in him for 25+ years.
  6. JonFrum

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    Is the "retiree" on a Withdrawal Card?

    Is the "retiree" collecting a pension from a Teamster pension fund?

    Is the "retiree" carried on the rolls as an active member of the Local?

    Is the "retiree" paying monthly dues to the Local?

    Did the "retiree" collect a pension for any period of time after retireing from UPS?
  7. team player

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    I thought you had to be a active member to run for office?
  8. Dragon

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    Sounds like Double Standards.

    Now you know who is going to be up in arms over that post.....
  9. 705red

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    No one said that he was still collecting a pension, it was said that he was brought back to work. In this case im almost positive that he would not continue to draw his pension while a paycheck from the union.

    Ask yourself if your job was on the line would you want an experienced agent rep or a newbie with little to no experience? Could it be that this is temporary?

    Randy is a stand up guy and this is nothing more than someone from a slate that plans on running against him jumping on the slander bandwagon. People that have nothing to run on revert to tyese low standards.
  10. scratch

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    705red, you nailed it. Somebody joins and makes one post and disappears, typical hit and run tactic. I have been in 728 for about 31 years and have been quite happy with the BAs Randy Brown has appointed to my Hub. He has been elected twice,and will be up again for re-election. Once Hoffa made us "vote again till his guy won", and that failed to work. I have no knowledge of my Local being called "Walmart", and I will admit I have not heard of this retiree being hired on as a BA. I would want an experienced BA to represent me, so I see nothing wrong with that. Our elections usually have a lot of mud thrown around, its really childish.
  11. ups79

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    "almost positive" isn't positive. Sounds like bill clinton and not having "sex with that woman"
  12. 705red

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    I can tell you here that if you go back to work for the union your pension is frozen until the time you decide to retire again. No double dipping is allowed, I am not sure how other locals do it.

    But what I do know for positive is Randy is a great guy and someones first post attacked him, and you grabbed it and ran with it your self. Brothers like scratch and many others from 728 have never had 1 bad thing to say about him. I also know Scott and he has a good head on his shoulders! We where at a class together and he was one of the few union reps to spend the whole week studying like myself, while other unions went sight seeing. Thats a perfect example of putting the members first.