Local 952 Is In Big Trouble!

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Starting wage is a waste of time.
I'll show you insult-throwing, abrasive liars. Just attend the next Teamsters convention in the Paris Ballroom of the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas during the last week of June of 2016, and watch and listen to Hoffa's delegates. They are easy to spot, since 80%+ of Hoffa's delegates will be wearing vests of the same color.
TDU is the king of spin.


I started this.
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To be fair thats not really that long. How long did it take to bring down the *, *, and *? Didn't it take Local 952 and * election assault charges several months before they were resolved, including appeal? Do yourself a favor don't be to quick to honk your own horn, you may come off as a :censored2:
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