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    We have a slate at our local who's candidate for president is a package car driver for UPS. The center she works out of passed around a statement saying they would not endorse or support her candidacy for president. That statement was reduced to a handout and passed around to the members of the local union. She's a little :censored2: about it and thinks it was "unfair" that the people she works with don't support her. I'm thinking what on earth did she do to piss off her coworkers and who on earth would vote for someone that her own coworkers don't support.
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    ...and I'm thinking why would anyone outside of your local care about this or any other issue within your local...
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    I was under the impression that management did your thinking for you.
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    I guess you were wrong.

    In what world do you think anyone outside of your local would care about this or any other issue within your local?
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    Really Dave? The pages are full of local issues. The guy just starting a thread. Relax.
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    If the signatures aren't forged.. that's an entirely legitimate tactic so long as it wasn't printed with union resources.

    If she's a steward and the drivers in her own center would sign a public statement against her candidacy, she might want to consider all the money she's about to force her local to burn on an election she doesn't have much chance of winning.

    Every member has the right to run.. but that doesn't necessarily mean every member SHOULD.
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    Welcome to the world, of Union politics.

    Just a quick question.

    Did the person have any experience ? Long term driver, or Union Steward ?

    If you know.... their political affiliation ? (H&H or FZ)

    The Local 804 thread, is at 964 pages and 9364 posts.

    WTF.... Dave. :biggrin:

    Valid observation.

    We need more details.

    A voice of experience.

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    I have spoken with several drivers at that center and the names are legitimate. They signed and print their names.

    She was a steward up until last year when the drivers in her center signed a petition to have her removed. A majority of drivers signed forcing an election and she lost.
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    The literature I received in the mail from her slate didn't list any specific training or skill set beyond being a driver for 29 years and being shop steward for 7 years. She was appointed shop steward, never elected. She was removed by petition and a subsequent election.

    I don't know her slate's political affiliation.

    We have three slates running this year. One is H&H and they are the incumbents. We also have a TDU FZ affiliated slate.