Looted set of doubles?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by 2Slow, Dec 9, 2011.

  1. 2Slow

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    We have been hearing rumors that there was a set stolen down in Texas that was totally looted. Has anyone heard this? Is it true? Link to news story? Pics?
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    Usually we have one or two left on the side of the road by chicken haulers who found a better paying load but they've always been recovered. Haven't heard anything about stolen trailers but it wouldn't surprise me.
  4. cachsux

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    Heard nothing but no surprise. We have our own to deal with that get cut into at the railyards.
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    I seen the pics. of it , it was in Dallas , Texas ( atleast the cops in the background had Dallas police on the back of their jackets) , it was a set that a subcontractor had taken off the yard (legally) and he went to pick up a prostitute , then went to a crack house , smoked crack , then the crack dealer wanted money , dude didnt have enough , dealer puts gun to drivers head , takes tractor with doubles to another area (another crackhouse) , and turns all the crack heads loose on the trailors, there was only 13 packages unopened ( they were smalls) hat were not seen due to all the trash from other boxes. It looked like a warzone for about 20 square yards , my sup. would not send me the email with story but only showed me pics ., thats all I know.
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    I am highly offended that you`re implying that our subcontractors are not of the highest repute.
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    That's the story I heard yesterday.
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    I see gypsy loads all the time that aren't even sealed. Amazing...
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    I've heard of the story last night. I want to see the pictures! Oh yes, the stinky subcontractors. It's amazing UPS makes tons of money during peak, yet they will spend over $2000 to get a trailer moved 500 miles.

    In SLC, the managers were asking feeder drivers to take days off during peak, yet the parking lot was full of gypos. When asked, the managers said they had contracts to use the gypos.
  10. browntruckmechanic

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    Actually. the loads were dispatched out of Mesquite.
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    Is that confirmed that UPS overpay's contractors to haul our volume? I've always wondered that. In my hub they are bypassing our drivers left and right or pushing drivers further back in terms of start time and running shiny wheel's 24/7. It is ridiculous. Run your employees first, especially if contractors make more. WTF? This apparently isn't isolated to my hub