UPS and Teamsters to resume contract negotiations next week


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“The Teamsters said Wednesday they will resume contract negotiations with UPS next week, marking an end to a stalemate that began two weeks ago when both sides walked away from talks while blaming each other.”

“It said UPS reached out to resume negotiations.”

“In a prepared statement, the company confirmed negations will resume next week and said it was pleased to go back and “resolve the few remaining open issues.”

“A sticking point in negotiations has been wage increases for part-time workers, who make a minimum of $16.20 an hour.”

“We are prepared to increase our industry-leading pay and benefits, but need to work quickly to finalize a fair deal that provides certainty for our customers, our employees and businesses across the country,” UPS said.”

“Both sides will set dates soon as to when negations will happen next week.”



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Why next week and not tomorrow??? Sounds like UPS is about to give a take it or leave it LBFO that will be insulting and not give OBrien much time to think it over. I really hope he tells UPS to stick it and order the strike if this is the case.


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I don't like the "next week" crap too. It sounds too much like Government work. It is always next week or next month like that stupid debt ceiling talk.

Or today is National Hotdogs day. The negotiating teams will get drunk for 2 days into the weekend since they have a deal?


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Back up the brinks truck


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It's ironic listening to management claim that TEAMSTERS are easily replaceable... and now Management is being let go with no need to replace LMAO
"Management" is a big word. However, I would veto firing "Payroll" management. You and I don't want our paychecks processing in India. Maybe it already is. lol