UPS and Teamsters to resume contract negotiations next week


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I don’t think that’s what it means. But if you’re in management and you don’t think the current technology and automation isn’t going to eliminate you first I think you’re mistaken. We have a Center Manager and Five on road supervisors currently in my center. The current technology that has been implemented in operations could really get rid of at least two or three of those people tomorrow with almost no issue. I do not applaud it or Champion it I’m just making an observation. I’m sure there’s a lot of other technology that I don’t know about in other parts of the company that can eliminate even more.
This is true, my center manager has two buildings he’s responsible for and we haven’t had our on road sups there for over a month. Our building runs like it always has. I told the FT preload sup he’s next on the chopping block! AI will dispatch everyone in a few years.


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I think you also have just as many people who are saying they will vote no on the first offer whatever it is, which I think is dumb

Hopefully we get a clearly fair and generous contract that Sean approves and we vote in favor of
So what is a fair part time starting wage that will get a yes vote from you?

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So what is a fair part time starting wage that will get a yes vote from you?
I’ve been wondering that myself. I like to think that I will vote yes on whatever SOB endorses as I trust his judgment so far, but we’ll see

UPS has been doing an MRA of $26 an hour starting pay for over 2 years at locations, and was as high as $28 an hour starting pay, so I don’t think a starting pay of $25 is unreasonable