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Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by fedx.drivr, Jul 3, 2013.

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    Hi everyone. I finished my route today to find out I had a missing package. Scanned in but no POD/DEX scan. As a new employee( 2months) im really sweating over it. Am i gonna get fired? My manager said to wait until tomorow to see if it turns up. When he brought up the info he told me it was jewellry of some sort, so they will probobly think i stole it. Any advice on what I should do?

  2. fedupped

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    Its a missing pod. It happens. If you didnt take it you explain you cant recall the whereabouts. If they press, you state you wouldn't be stupid enough to steal a pkg on your own rt.
  3. Bankrupt

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    If you are certain you delivered the package,go back to the recipient and see if they still have the box. Do the delivery scan and get a pod.(up to you if u want to van it again I wouldn't) If they no longer have the box but agree that they got the pkg ask them to sign a delivery record then ask your mgr to manually input the pod. I'd be worried if you are unsure of the pkgs whereabouts if you van it,it's your responsibility. Did you give any freight away after you closed on your vans in the am?
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    I am positive I did not deliver it. They brought up the address and I was never there today. I also didn't do any exchanges. It seems I've lost it or somebody took it. My truck was secure at all times as far as I know, and I can't imagine a coworker taking it off my truck. I have no idea what happened to it. I'm pretty sure if I scanned it at a wrong location the scan would show up and we could trace it, but the last scan is my van scan at 9am. I don't think I'll be getting any sleep tonight :(
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    You won't get fired so you can stop sweating that. Just make sure that doesn't happen again. For a while haha.

    But seriously, look everywhere in your truck. I had a package end up in my garbage can underneath stuff. I also had a pup get lost and I found it a month later stuck behind a shelf. (very small package that one)
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    No need to loose any sleep. It's just a package and its just a job. FedEx won't fire you over a single lost box. Most you will get is a slap on the wrist, AKA an olcc. Just be more careful going forward. Having researched enough of these as a dispatcher I can say it was one of a few scenarios. Package got lost in some out of the way spot in the truck. Package was inadvertantly left at a customers location without a scan or it fell off the back of the truck while you didn't notice.
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    It happens, had one crr fired/arrested for stealing drugs, most of which came from the route parked the next van down.
  8. MrFedEx

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    If they brought up the address and you were never there, it's possible you scanned it in the station and someone else grabbed it or perhaps it never left the station at all.
  9. Route 66

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    of course it was The Golden Package too.....never fails
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    I have seen people fired for stealing packages in the trucks they were pulling. Do you pull your own truck?
  11. TheJackal

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    Check the time the package was vanned and if its your employee number that vanned it. Ask for the printout indicating address and what time it was vanned. Take a GOOD look at it and make sure everything's correct. If it was vanned ONE minute after you left the building, someone used your route and/or employee number.

    He said he never went to the address. Also, POD's are not allowed to be entered manually anymore.

    P.S. Unless they can prove YOU stole it, I doubt termination is an option.
  12. serenity now

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    a small pkg. can get flat against the wall at the back and almost disappear
  13. Bankrupt

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  14. SmithBarney

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    I pull my own, but without going into too much detail the crr in question pulled their truck and one other(delayed starter)
  15. TheJackal

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    Nobody at our station puts them in. They claim their not allowed. If there's a signed document to prove you delivered it, fine. Releases put in manually can be nothing but trouble. It can be considered falsification.

    The OP said he never went to that address. So, the argument about putting in a POD manually is moot.
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    POD can only be entered by CSA with a signed sig record. No longer is a CRR allowed to do it. I had someone trying to enter one
    and kept asking me how, I said I can't help you we aren't allowed "WAD"
  17. I lost a package once. It was one of those chuck norris home gyms. Bow Flux or some such.
  18. Route 66

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    it happens
  19. CJinx

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    How the hell did you lose a Bowflex machine? Those boxes are huge and they weigh a ton.
  20. Route 66

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    much the same way he managed to fly a 9 inch RC helicopter up to an 8th floor balcony with a basket attached, land it safely, wait for Granny to unload it and replace with a gift of cookies, take off again and return to Terra Firma. The guy has talent on loan from God, I'm tellin' ya. An absolute genius in more ways than one.