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    I lost my route due to management changing it from a Saturday route to a Monday route. Route was taken by a very high seniority driver. I Was told my BA said I can not take a junior drivers bid and must be a cover driver until I win a posted bid. There are no bids in the foreseeable future. I was also told there is no language in the contract stating that I can take over another bid, and the union “didn’t see this being an issue”. There are probably 15 routes with people lower in seniority that I’d be willing to take, but it looks like I’m forced into this position because of a schedule change. If I was notified of this change I would have had an opportunity to bid other routes. Is this normal? I can’t seem to get a straight answer from multiple union reps.

    Thank you for any input.
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    Straight answers are hard to get at UPS. Good luck.
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    A lot depends on local language and past practice. There is no one simple answer that applies everywhere.
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    Thanks Rod. As I’ve been accepted that fact for a few years, I still wanted to get a consensus of what other guys might have experienced or seen happen
  5. We bid here every year. Someone else can't just take my route.
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    Management (and union) will tell you most anything they think they can get away with to suit their needs. Where I was, any change of start time more than an hour or a loss in hours got you a bump on any junior driver. Your results may vary.
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    If you were bumped off your route you can bump a lower seniority driver off theirs.
    That is how it works in MN.
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    Once we win a bid here the route is yours as long as you want it. If it gets taken out you can bump the lowest seniority driver so you can work but that would end up being a miscellaneous with no route of their own. If a lower seniority driver has a bid route you can't just bump them and take their route.
  9. We can follow our work here if your route gets cut.
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    In MN you can.
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    Got it. Thanks
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    Here too. Follow where the majority of work goes. Usually when a route gets cut the work gets spread out all over so there won't be one route with the majority of your work though. That does pop up when they reloop routes and screw up everyone's routes too.
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    The OP may want to call Teamster HQ in Washington and speak to someone in Labor or someone knowledgeable in the language.

    Sometimes the BA does things for questionable reasons.
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    In some locals the BA is a company yes man.
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    Can you follow your work and change schedule ?
  16. Fortunately my loop is too heavy with air, businesses and pick ups. Once every couple of years they cut one. It doesn't end up well.
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    Same for me. Loop was 4 heavy business routes they already screwed up by taking out the 5th route. If they took out any more they couldn't cover the pickups. A couple of times a year they would try it because orders from above said the center had to cut more routes. After a day or two of service failures they would be forced to put the 4th route back in.
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    I'm not seeing anywhere in your supp where you can bump lower drivers out of their route. So I think you're out of luck.

    @wide load and @Boston25 I believe are from your area. They may be able to help you.
  19. Usually like Good Friday or the day after Christmas. Heaven forbid you actually give someone a slightly easy day.
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    If you have/had any seniority at all, why would you stay on a heavy route like that?
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