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  1. Anyone know why there are (were this morning, not sure about now) picketers outside the Air Group Building on Hurstbourne in Louisville?
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    Dozens of members from the Teamsters Local 2727 held an informational picket today outside the UPS Air Group building on Hurstbourne Lane. The protest is the result of building tension between the UPS Mechanics and the Company. According to the mechanics hotline message, on January 7th, UPS chose to file a lawsuit against the Local 2727 and the Federal Government rather than negotiate with them over the technical publications manual editors who have recently been awarded to them under the NMBs authority. The Teamsters maintain that UPS is thumbing its nose at the Railway Labor Act, the NMB and the Teamsters. As part of the lawsuit, UPS is asking that maintenance controllers be decertified from the Local 2727 and UPS be released from obligation to bargain with the union for both groups. Local 2727 is weighing its options on how to proceed. Furthermore, union representatives from Local 2727 say that UPS is violating several areas of its contract and the NMB could be petitioned at any time to allow self help. On top of that, Local 2727 members continue to have problems with the health care plan, saying the plan that was sent to crewmembers is different than what was agreed to during contract negotiations. The mechanics are expected to return tomorrow for another informational picket. Well keep you posted on their progress.
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    More contract jockeying.
  4. Figured as much, but wondered if it was the pilots.