Louisville KY Casual Dockworker/Wharehouse Associate. Non-Union

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    Hey guys, i went for a drug screen and background check for a full time casual dockworker or warehouse associate in Louisville, Ky. I know that I am qualified for the job. I've been a shipping and receiving manager at a large store for a while, I have my cdl license, and a BA (I only listed my Associate degree on my resume though). I know that a full time UPS job is a rare find, but I will also have to relocate 250 miles away. I am just curious as to what these positions generally start out at. I know that some locations are probably higher than others, but I am just trying to get a feel for if its worth it. Oh this is a non union job. Any info would be awesome, thanks.
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    It take it you had some kind of an interview before you went for your drug screening ??? I think you should have asked Questions then. UPS doesn't care that your where a shipping manager at a large store that doesn't make you qualified for the job that means you can print and attach a label to a box and have someone pick it up we call those people clerks.

    Good luck but are you sure you really want to move 250 miles for a job that you might not have next week ?? As you said this is a NON-UNON job and probably an at will work state.
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    It was a weird type of interview, I asked about pay and they told me that they would discuss that at the second interview. Well the only reason that I am thinking about relocation is that its either this or back to the coal mines. There is definitely no job security, insurance, or retirement down in the mines. I was just curious if the job payed much. I've heard some say 8/hour and then I've heard some say 15, just curious.
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    Can't help you about the pay however I sure the starting pay isn't great. If you in it for the long term than it probably a good move.
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    I used to live there