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    Last week management had a pcm and told us that they could not take our one hour lunch out of our day, but we would have to put something in for our lunch time. So most drivers were putting in like 30 mintues or whatever they were taking. That lasted 4 days. This past Monday management has another pcm on how we are allowed and required to take our full hour lunch everyday.. Now we are all confused, I know what the contract says, but does anyone have anymore info on this subject???? Can we get in trouble for entering less than an hour? Thank You...:confused:1
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    take your break and call for help if necessary
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    Nothing seems to be fair with this company....Why is it? You want to take your lunch but you can't because you will have service failures and be in office. Seems like we are contractors. Get the job done. They don't want any excuses when they walk all over us..Cram your day so it makes it impossible to take your lunch...Makes me want to cry literally! Been with this company for way to long and seen many ways this company wants to steal from employess, customers and whomever they can to get their numbers....I have never seen such tyranny....I have a hard time making it the whole day with this route let alone give my lunch up and be beaten up the next day about how horribe your performance is...Pathetic place to work for! UPs does suck and they will never get it right...Lawsuit after Lawsuit Unhappy customers unhappy employees makes a mess of an outfit! There is no way out happy, here it seems! Honestly I hope that we do strike again!!!!!!!!
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    Honestly, what good would a strike do anybody; especially since the only reason you have is vindictive? A whole bunch of people will be out of jobs for a very long time if it comes to that- are you prepared to take the chance to be one of them?
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    Geez how depressing. Someone hand me a razor no sense in living any longer.
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    I will take that chance!!!!!!I have been there for 23 years and I will....I won't be treated like an idiot any more if I have that opportunity
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    Tieguy? Go back to the preload, your shift is starting soon.....
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    "Someone hand me a razor no sense in living any longer."

    I agree. Slave, dude you need to quit. No use going thru life being so unhappy. UPS isn't for everyone. There are other jobs out there...
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    "Cram your day so it makes it impossible to take your lunch"

    And if you do decide to stay, it is never impossible to take your lunch. Take it every day when you're supposed to. Call in, tell the management team how many businesses will be missed today. It then becomes their problem, not yours.

    You say you've been with the company too long, then why are you acting like a rookie? Make a stand, get that route fixed!
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    WOW! Why would you stay with UPS for 23 years if you are sooooooo unhappy?????:tongue_sm

    You do have free will. It is pretty simple....You can open your mouth and tell your boss you quit! It sounds like that would be a win win!! Wouldn't you agree?:confused:1

    My guess is that there must be something keeping you at UPS for 23 years....

    maybe it is the beneifits or the pay or the vacation time or maybe it is the possibility that you will be able to retire early and do anything you want and still get a paycheck????

    When you wallow in self-pity it takes years off your life. Be happy & thankful for what you have and for what you don't have... continue to work with your bosses to make it better for you and your co-workers. By that I mean; bring solutions to the table when you have legitimate concerns.

    You reap what you sow. If you project a negative attitude everyone around you will project the same back to you. Try coming to work in a positive state for 1 month and notice the change that will occur. I am sure it will affect your whole perspective on work!!!! Good Luck!!
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    As far as lunch is concerned....I come from California, one of the strictest states on the enforcement of worker rights or rules. The contract supercedes most regulations unless it is a law. You have to take at least 1/2 hour lunch. You can take up to 1 hour lunch however. If your management team tells you to take a 1 hour lunch you are obligated to take the 1 hour lunch. If your management team tells you to take only 1/2 hour lunch that is what you are obligated to take. Your management team cannot tell you not to take a lunch. In California (Pacific Region) there are people that are specifically assigned to monitor reports to make sure that California law is being followed in regard to the lunch laws!

    As you probably know, this can be monitored through the DIAD.
  12. paidslave

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    I did do that! I was on a driver ride learning a new route and wanted to take lunch after the fifth hour and sup put a stink up about it so I called the center manager and was told to work thru lunch....I listened to what everyone says to do..TAKE YOUR LUNCH.......I did take my lunch that day between 5 and 6th hour with much resistance. Low and behold they terminated me for insubordintion next day! How's that for taking your lunch....Of course they are all lying and said "OH you could take your lunch" NO missed pkgs, or pu and still found petty reasons....In UNIONS hands now folks! The problem with good attitude is if they see you are happy than you will be given more work...just my experience!!! Be nice
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    ca,must be a good regin to work in.tere are companies i delivered to if employees had to take one hour by 5th hour or written up after 3rd time were fired.that co.wasn't ups.if work wasn't done in 8hrs.always the next day.
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    Paid slave--------- You really should think about quitting. If your job makes up that unhappy. Even your name is negative!!!!! Dude why do it? Every job has it's good and bad days. That's life UPS might not be the best, But no one is making you stay!!! It's been great for me. Don't work weekends, the wife gets to stay home with the kids. And the pay is not bad for not having a college degree! Its just like life It's what YOU MAKE OF IT!!! :thumbup1:
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    You get treated like an idiot because you are an idiot!! :wink:
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    Thanks. Things are not as strict in my center. We can finish our lunch at the end of th day.. I would just rather take like a 30 minute lunch and start making overtime at 5:30 instead of 6:00. I was just trying to get a clue of what was going on elsewhere, because our steward is in mangement's back pocket and supervisors dont tell you anything that would benefit you. We can take part of our lunch during the day and then come into the center and finish our lunch then.. I work at a small center so I am not thinking this is the norm..
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    oh oh I think this might be the start of something!!!!
    Lets be civil on this one!
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    "...because our steward is in mangement's back pocket.."

    Shop steward is an elected position. If this was true, you would call for an election. Why don't you run against him (if it's true)?
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    Over Nine Five!
    Five Merry Christ MAS to you pal!

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    The sad part paid slave is that you made the post at 1:56 am on a Friday night. If i was a paid slave i would be in a deep sleep. Do you ever leave the computer???