Mall Route Drivers: How Was Your Week (On Topic)

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Overpaid Union Thug, Mar 20, 2020.

  1. Overpaid Union Thug

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    In my area the mall routes had an interesting week. Stores opening late (affecting commit times) or closing completely. Many stores were saying they’d be open the following day only to close and leaving the drivers dealing with trucks full of bulk stops. By Thursday some were running residential stops for the first time in decades in the morning and then finding themselves walking around in their malls feeling like they were in Dawn of the Dead (1978) because of the eerie emptiness and a few shambling elderly mall walkers. Getting an updated list of closures was nearly impossible and some stores that closed would have one or two people come in just to receive shipments and to pack and ship online orders.

    Are there any mall route drivers (bid or cover) on BC? If so tell everyone how much it’s sucked this week. Or how great it was.
  2. reginald95

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    I don’t have a mall route but the drivers of the mall routes will have to run normal routes since they all have closed down due to the order of the governor (CA).

    my route has some retail clothing stores as well and today was the last day the last remaining stores closed down. It’s so creepy driving the streets with no stores open and no one out there. Luckily I have plenty of resi work to at least get my 8.
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    Lots of future sheeted, skipping pick ups and empty parking.
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    I covered our mall route on Monday. I got to the 1st stop (dock stop) and the guy says, "How are you going to get rid of the rest of your stuff?"
    Me, "Uh..... deliver it??"
    Him, "The mall does not open till noon."
    Me, "Awesome. Simply awesome."

    I was able to get rid of a few stops before the mall opened and a couple of the stores that had people, also had a lot to go out, so I started carting that out. I ended up leaving at about the regular time (I was pretty light to start with) and picked up a ton at the stores where I stopped.

    The guy that covered for the rest of the week said that every day more and more stores closed. By the end of the week, the mall was going out in a pup instead of a 45 footer.
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    How are you feeling being infected with the Rona ?
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    My route has become residential route. I had the mall & may be 30 to 40 resi quarter mile away from mall now I am doing 150 stops & 4 pickups.Mall closed til' April 7th.
  8. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Sounds like lots of dispatchers are going to have extra company before start time everyday.