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  1. Can anyone validate the accuracy of the management retirement calculator? I've got 2 years left and want to verify the monthly pension amount listed on the sight is actually what I will be getting when I retire?
  2. The calculator was accurate for me and if anything it understated what the actual was by 50 bucks or so.
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    Yes it was close for me also. Things that do effect it is how you and your wife decide on the option if you were to pass away (sorry but it happens more than we want to think) and how many credits you have for medical. If you have at least 30 years medical should be free. Best of luck.
  4. Thank you!!! Now my only concern will be if UPS will not try to push me out, or change the retirement age in the next 2 years.
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    I can remember my last few years.(retired in 2011 after 35 years) Thing have changed in the last 10 to 15 years. These should be your best years and you should not have to worry but with this new group you need to watch your back. I can see a change down the road from 55 but you are to close to worry about that. Try to enjoy your last couple of years and you will love retirement. Again best of luck.
  6. Thank You - I've got 34 in and I agree that the company has completely changed. I could clean toilets for the next two years if needed, but I feel that would not be good enough for mother Brown, as she has done the math to sees her financial gain for me to leave before 55.
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    Maybe there should be a buyout?:happy-very:
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    Careful with the push out, they look at your remaining years carefully and ive heard that a demotion would lower your pension , i might be wrong.
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    Based on best five consecutive year over you last ten years working. As far as the last two years effecting its unlikely. If you are like most management they will give you no raises or very small and tell you that your over paid or the need the budget for the younger management.( hows that for a slap in the face after 30+ years) The only other thing that might change that is if the MIP goes crazy which they have control of . Just suck it up and do the last few years and get out.
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  10. Thanks - I've done all the math and my top 5 will not be affected by my last 2. I've led a conservative life so I have no debt and I do not have a stable of ex-wives, so I should be good in retirement if I can "Just suck it up!!" for the next two years.
    It seams like a long way away, but hopefully it will go quickly!!
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    How come you never hear of any management working into their 70's like some brain dead hourly do? Never mind--I just answered my own question.
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    Two answers come to mind. The lack of obtaining cheap UPS stock from tjh

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    Two things come to mind: the lack of obtaining cheap UPS stock from the beginning and god awful contract negotiation. Trying to keep it simple.

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  15. I could see doing a "brain dead" job for a couple years until 55. A job I could "turn off" at the end of the day and not wake up at 2:00am worried about tomorrow. Unfortunately they do not exist in management.
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    Just between me and you , same number of brain dead Assignments whether you are management or hourly with this company.

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    We must have had a different type of management. The ones we were used to didn't seem to worry about anything except getting the troops out of the building.
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    Two years will go incredibly fast. You've already got how many years in? It will be here sooner than you are ready for. As the time gets closer you'll probably question whether or not you should go. Then a driver or two will bring the route back mid day and you'll have to cover it behind three hours late. Then you'll think about next summer and how hot it's going to be and you'll easily make you your mind up that - "I've had enough"
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    I don't think he is at the center level.
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    Life passes by in a Blink --Do not wish your life away --working or retired ---Enjoy life everyday
    My 80 year old father in law claims that every day he wakes up --reaches up --if he does not touch wood covered satin --it will be another good day
    He has the normal aches and pains --but Bowls on four different Bowling teams as well as competing in Billiard Tournaments on the weekends.