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  1. To make this as short as possible..... I drove tcd last year and it's that season again. I've been trying to figure out what's going on .. When I'm driving ect. I heard of a meeting where they were to hash out the details.. I went to the office to ask them if they had any updates but they weren't there I saw on a desk a paper with a calendar showing when we were going driving and what routes. My question is if they have this information why don't they give us a heads up so we could prepare and get the manifest and learn the route as much as possible on our own time instead of telling us the day before so we are in a panic trying to learn it with the sup breathing down your neck. What's going on here is it like this everywhere ?
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    C'mon. It's more fun watching you guys freak out and get all flustered. Giving you a heads up as to where you are delivering makes sense and counter to company policy.
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    Some things never change.....
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    They don't tell you as their plan is subject to change based on any number of variables (volume, unexpected injury, call-ins, accidents, suspensions/terminations).