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  1. bubsdad

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    Marty Peters, UPS's overall number 1 seniority guy is retiring after 63 years of service. I have had the pleasure of talking with Marty on several occasions. Of course they were short conversations because he is an all business type of guy. First time I met him was right after his 60th anniversary and I had read the article in Teamster magazine. We talked a little and I told him I was honored to meet him and he acted like it was no big deal. The one thing he said that sticks with me is "Believe me, it hasn't been easy but the bank always cashes the check."
  2. scratch

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    Marty sounds like a great guy, I admire his stamina. It will only take me twenty nine more years to beat his record............:wink2:
  3. hurricanegunner

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    63 years is amazing for any job. Congratulations, Marty.
  4. upssalesguy

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    how old is this guy and does he drive feeders?
  5. satellitedriver

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    He is 89yrs old, and, no he will not turn in a sales lead for you.:happy2:
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    What he really needs to do is write a book. Can you imagine the things he has seen, the stories he could tell, and the technical advancements he has been through?

    I wonder if Scott Davis will show up on his last day?
  7. Baba gounj

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    WOW now who will be the new number one ?
  8. UnsurePost

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    You're getting close! :happy-very:
  9. City Driver

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    what job does he do at 89 years old?
  10. teamsterjoe

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    met marty 30 years ago at the old east center. on my way down there that day, the boss told me not to let marty get me to do his work because that's what he did to all the feeder drivers. boss was right, he did try, but didn't get me to do it. he tried to have me do his shifting every time I pulled into the Woodbridge center. It never worked though.
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    Ask Marty what he thinks is the most significant innovation at UPS he has seen throughout his career is, and you would never guess it in a million years. Come on....Guess !! He will tell you it was the introduction of the ball point pen ! Honest to Gosh he will ! He said it was amazing to get that piece of equipment that we take for granted today. I hope I can come up with something so off the wall when I am here 60 years. But if you all think about it, you can see where he is coming from. That was a very long time ago that he was in bundles !! Darn pencil tips always breaking, or need a sharpen job.
  12. Quagmire

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    Meet Marty a few times going into Woodbridge, always a nice guy, congradulations to him.
  13. feederdriver06

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    63 years?? Why quit now . . . my man should have done that 38 years ago :knockedout:
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    Sounds like Marty was a great, dedicated guy, but he was probably losing money by working. We had a feeder driver who worked 38 years and was old enough for Social Security-he was losing over $15,000 a year by working. Sadly, he never got to enjoy it as he got a brain tumor and died within a year of retirement. One only hopes he took his pension with a benificiary so at least his wife could benefit.
    I can't understand how anyone could work for UPS for that long. I didn't work one day longer than I had to. Then again, I wasn't in feeders. The mental and physical abuse that a package car driver has to put up with are different.
  15. over9five

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    UPS should do something BIG for this, and Scott should be there!
  16. rwsmith67

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    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think your spouse or survivors get anything from the union pension because you never were "officially retired", if you die after retiring, your wife gets a portion of your pension.

    Retired Driver '04
  17. soberups

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    At least here in the Western Conference, you would be wrong.

    My wife is listed as a survivor/beneficiary on my pension. I'm vested, but not yet eligible to retire. If I died today, my wife would get the amount I would receive if I were to become permanently disabled and retire early. If I died while eligible to retire but while still working, my wofe would get the same amount I would qualify for if I were alive and chose to retire. Once I retire for good, we will keep the survivor benefit and upon my death she will receive 65% of my pension for the rest of her life.
  18. BluegrassJack

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    Congrats to Marty! I heard there's a video with him on Anybody seen it? Maybe Scotty's in it.
  19. soberups

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    On the one hand, I admire the mans dedication to his job.

    On the other hand, I cannot fathom why anyone would choose to spend 63 yrs working for UPS if they had the ability to retire...which this guy had to have had at least 20 yrs ago.

    I'm out of here on Feb 27th of 2017 which is the first day that I will be eligible.
  20. Tony31yrs

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    I took a my pension with a "75% pop up". This means I got a little less each month, but if I die, my wife get 75% of it. If she dies first, I "pop" back up to my full pension. So she'd better watch her step! Ha ha. It may be different in your conference.