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    All the fedex people may have heard this rumor, but I will state what I was told.

    It seems that Fred:obeyhypnosmiley: does not like all the negitive :fightings: postings that have risen on these boards. Although it may not be this board,I have been told the FedEx will monitor the boards to see who they can catch:panicsmiley: that is doing the postings. if caught,:bag:the guilty will be terminated. This also applies to twitter. It seems there was some real nasty dirty :vacuumsm: postings on a board that had to do about benefits and retirement benefits that left a bad taste in Fred's mouth.

    Well, all I can say is that if Fred, Mattew Thornton III, or any other idiot from FedEx is monitoring any board for criminals:kidseyessmiley2:you can start with me.

    Start with the name. :warriorsmiley:Start with you can kiss my "at-will" employee butt.:warriorsmiley: start with this......94950:warriorsmiley:
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    How's the skiiing at Nicasio reservior?
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    Hey MT3...suck it.
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    I haven't heard anything about this. Perhaps Ricochet1a has heard something and can let us know. Over the years, I've heard over and over how FedEx doesn't care what gets posted here or on other social media. It appears now that they do. If you'd like to protect yourself, simply refer to your Employee Handbook and the page that refers to social media. "My opinions are my own and do not represent those of FedEx Express, or words to that effect"---Mr. FedEx. Done.

    If anything is scaring Smith and MT3 it's the fact that social media threatens the Big Lie that is FedEx Express. When people share and distribute information it threatens the scam. The perfect example is market levels and topout times. Both Fred and MT3 know exactly what they're up to, and they hate it when employees become informed...and angry. A lot of employees are finally figuring out that PSP and everything else supposedly "pro-people" about FedEx is a joke. Given a chance, they will smack you down hard at every opportunity, and fire you if you dare complain.

    A lot of this is still under the radar, because it has to be at work. We all know what happens when you say anything against the company or suggest we need union protection. Social media has none of those constraints, and that scare them...a lot. They'd like to control you completely during your off-work hours too, but they can't.

    Their fear speaks volumes about FedEx. If everything were kosher, they'd have nothing to fear. But it isn't, so they're trying to control the uncontrollable. Good luck with that guys.


    It honestly wouldn't surprise me if FredEx has an entire department, with it's own top-heavy management, that does nothing but watch sites like this all day long. Or maybe, since Unky Fredly is in so tight with the Feds, maybe he has access to ECHELON through the NSA and monitors us all like could happen.

    And, I remember seeing here on the local news about a teacher who was posting "true" but vague comments about some of her more notable students on Facebook and she got fired because of it.
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    I haven't heard of any new push for FedEx to attempt to find out the identity of those who post not so favorable comments in social media.

    However, if you do identify yourself as a current FedEx employee, anything you say - whether you are "on the clock" or not, WILL be held against you - even opening you up to the possibility of termination.

    Any comments made in a publically accessable forum by someone who holds employment with a company (FedEx), can have those comments taken as being libelous against the "good name" of the company, and open that individual up to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment or even civil action (libel).

    Although I am no longer an employee, those I get info from are, thus why I protect them - and the primary means of protecting them is remaining anonymous myself. If it was found out that they were releasing company confidential information to someone they knew was making public disclosures - they would lose their employment and be opened up to possible civil litigation.

    FedEx (Express in particular) is all about keeping the wage employees in the dark - it is how they keep fear in them and keep them from organizing and certifying a union.

    Under no circumstances should anyone identify themselves on this open forum - it serves no purpose and only opens them up to possible retaliation from FedEx (or if they aren't employed but communicate with current FedEx employees, it opens up the current FedEx employees up to retaliation).

    I do know that Express in particular is monitoring open "social media" (like this site) and uses in information exchanged on social media sites to take action against employees who make what they believe are malicious statements - or statements that indicate violations of company policy. They know of every video on Youtube and will take proactive action to attempt to get defaming videos removed, or have their legal team threaten the hell out of the poster to get them to remove it themselves.

    I know for a FACT that FedEx monitored the site put up in the late 90's (during the first abortive attempt at organizing Express), by Kevin Osiowy (Chicago area Courier back then). The actions in the Chicago area in the late 90's casued a good amount of grief among the Express execs.

    Here is an archive site for the old web site:

    Fed Up Home Page

    Any realistic attempt at orgainizing Express is now over. There are just too damn many KoolAid drinkers moving packages around to even think about getting half of them to sign representation cards on a national level - it just won't happen. The IBT won't make any effort to organize Express given the hurdles now in place, and with the way things are going, FedEx as a whole will end up being the WalMart of package companies in the not too distant future.

    FedEx puts out pseudostatistics to try to calm employees into thinking they are getting a "good deal". I heard the latest talking point pseudostatistic they threw out with the pay actions was that the industry average raise was something like 1.8%....

    While that is true on the surface, what it completely ignores is the existing differentials between Express and UPS drivers. One group is paid an average of $28/hr all benefits included (that is the average of Couriers, naturally there are new Couriers making only about $20/hr all compensation included), the other (UPS) close to $40/hr. Well, when the group that is making only about 70% of the higher paid group gets a "3% raise", it is definately higher than the industry average of 1.8% or so - but it ignores the 800 lb statistical gorilla of the 30% EXISTING differential in compensation levels.

    When one is already in the "compensation basement", getting a raise that is marginally greater than an industry average isn't saying much. But FedEx has trotted out that talking point for consumption by the KoolAid drinkers. It also completely ignores the REAL fact that a Courier with less than 10 years in will never see top out - all by deliberate design by FedEx.

    I know from first hand experience, that attempting to do any organizing within Express is like trying to herd cats - can't be done. There is NO solidarity among wage employees (and with the latest pay actions by Express, that solidarity is being deliberately destroyed).

    So get the heck out as soon as you can. There are better things to do (you have to look), but you'll be thankful once you are no longer wearing that purple uniform. If you decide to stay, then accept what you are offered and stop your complaining - the writing has been on the wall for a long time now, you only have yourself to blame if you choose to stick with Express for any longer than is necessary to find another source of employment.
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    Well if 94950 refers to a zip code, then brother (or sister) I feel your pain. I know what kind of a senior manager you work under. Your best friend until you cross them or disagree with them or get in the way of their master plan for the station. Speak up against safety issues, speak up about everyone working through their unpaid breaks, speak up about anything fair, safe, sane or just and watch your back. The personal competition that this manager has with every single employee is indicative of a very low self esteem. Thats why this person is a senior manager. They will not ever rise higher than that though, Sorry, need more than a GED and a shark's smile for that.
    If anyone at FedEx wants to know who I am and what I am talking about feel free to PM me. I will give you my name, my address, my phone number, facebook and email. I have nothing to hide and I will never be silenced from speaking the truth. I am available to talk anytime if you really want to know what the problem is. We would not be on here if it were not for the pathological nature of FedEx.
    I am proud to be a part of the activism on this site. Hard working, well spoken, intelligent people that believe in their right to freely speak up against what is wrong at FedEx.
    Ps Happy Saint Patricks day!!!
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    I personally don't think they care unless it's an Atomic Abortion like the monitor-throwing incident. At that point, they were forced into action, and it makes sense there's a rumor that there is a "crackdown". As snackdad said, we have the right to freely speak up and out about what is wrong at FedEx, and they couldn't stop it if they wanted to. If they fire someone on here then all bets are off as to just how free one could be. Sex in a W700? Or how about throwing it into reverse at about 25 mph and taping it? I'm still waiting for someone to post a Stupid Management Tirade (SMT) on YouTube or a video of somone playing soccer with a package when the freight is late. A smartphone can be your best friend these days. I record every management conversation, and video anything I can that's incriminating or reveals how empty the FedEx promise is.

    My favorite is about 10 packages sitting in a sea of rainwater on the warehouse floor. Every package is soaked, and nobody cares. I have video of AMJ cans exploding onto employees who were injured, unreported accidents that I witnessed in the parking lot, and even 2 minutes of my senior manager fondling his girlfriend in his car (he's married). I'm sure there are lots of others out there as well.

    Post em'!!! I wish I had a tape of MT3 when he used to be a regional VP. I hear he was something else.
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    Watch the latest Frontline video. It's about social media and how Fedex will moniter (spy?) on employees or customers that inputs negative comments. Even if you try to stay anonymous, Fedex has the money and the time to root you out. It's a venue Fedex hasn't thought about that can air problems where even outsiders can comment whether that subject is true or not. Thanks to that Sprinter drivin'- moniter throwin' dude.
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    Just stick to the facts. Get fired for that it's a free speech issue. Of course you might want to walk a fine line at work to avoid getting fired for anything else.
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    You all need to read up on exactly what "Free Speech" is and who it protects and from whom.

    Hint - "Political" speech is protected from actions from the government against the individual making the statement.

    Anything you write that places another individual or non-governmental institution in an "unfavorable light" or places another up to "public contempt" is considered libel - and the writer can be brought into civil court and be held to pay damages. When corporations initiate civil litigation against an individual for libel, they aren't after money (the possible monetary awards are peanuts) - they are out to smash the individual making the libelous statement (essentially bankrupt them) and then make a very public statement regarding the outcome to discourage others from attempting to engage in the same activity.

    Now determining exactly what is "unfavorable light" and "public contempt" is an issue at law - but from what is written here about FedEx, there wouldn't be much doubt about what is going on.

    Forget about your conceptions of "Free Speech". When one libels a non-governmental individual (corporations are treated as "individuals"), you open yourself up to being taken to court if you identify yourself.

    Forums such as this are given broad latitude to allow speech that could be considered libelous, since the owners of the site aren't publishing the statements, non-paying contributors to the site are.

    If you are so damn confident that your speech is protected - identify yourself and fire away. Let us know how long it takes FedEx to can your butt afterwards.

    Your speech ISN'T protected here from any action from FedEx - and your employment with FedEx can be jeopardized if you make libelous remarks concerning FedEx and you are positively linked to the published statements. It wouldn't even require FedEx initiating civil litigation - if they can positively link an employee's statement to said employee (and the statements are considered libelous by FedEx) they can fire you in a heartbeat. Then you'll be left to attempt to prove that either it was a case of mistaken identity on their part or that FedEx doesn't possess the right to terminate your employment for statements you make on your own time (best of luck with that).

    Even statements which don't meet the definition of libel, but which indicate a propensity to engage in destructive acts (we played football with a package), desire to cause harm to persons (I'll ^$*@# that SOB), or defraud FedEx of "rightful" work performance (we're going to screw up the operation to show them), are violations of your work agreement with FedEx, and can lead to your immediate termination.

    The only way to protect yourself from any retaliation is to remain absolutely anonymous.
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    If I say that, after you factor in 3% raises and inflation, your purchasing power won't be much more in 10 years than it is now I'm making an accurate statement. If FedEx wants the public scrutiny about it's policies by going after an employee that has made an accurate statement then they can go for it. It's free speech and not even major corporations are going to touch that. Name one who has? If on the other hand I make inaccurate statements that could cause the company any problem at all I deserve to have them come after me. I've named myself here and elsewhere but nothing happened. Why? I told the truth and I believe they even used information I supplied once. When in doubt always tell the truth. They can do whatever they like but the truth will always come out. If everything they do is legitimate then they have no reason to fear an employee stating the truth. After all, as FedEx employees we have the right to express our opinions and disagree if we believe they are wrong.
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    Again, you and everyone else needs to do some research on what is "free speech".

    The whole topic of "free speech" concerns speech that is directed from an individual towards the government - NOT writings which constitute libelous statements or statements which are in direct violation of your employment agreement (should you be employed by the party which you are writing "against"). No one is "free" to engage in libelous or slanderous speech towards other individuals (corporations are considered as individuals).

    Making a statement of fact is merely a statement of fact. Stating that you are going to take action which is against your employment agreement or which meets the definition of libel - puts one at risk of either losing their job or being taken to civil court.

    The only "protection" you have is to maintain your anonymity while engaging in anything approaching libelous or contrary to your employment agreement.

    You (vantexan) have identified yourself and you are an absolute idiot for doing so. You take caution to prevent from writing statements which are grossly libelous, but you are a liability to everyone else here on this list due to your having identified yourself.

    Here's why.

    If FedEx ever does decide that something you have written is a violation of your employment agreement (they are the ones that make that decision), they can come at you with everything in their arsenal. But they wouldn't only be interested in terminating your employment.

    In cases (such as yours) when a party comes after someone who is a minor irritant, they will often attempt to reach an out of court settlement which requires the individual to divulge the identities of others on the forum you may have corresponded to "off line" (identities or email addresses). Get one to be a stool pigeon to "out" the rest...

    The "truth"....

    You throw around the term "the truth", but you forget that when it comes down to it, you don't determine what the "truth" is. Concerning your employment, your employer makes the decision as to what the truth is. If you are a party to civil litigation, you have the burden of proving something is true.

    Yes, something as simple as you received a 3% pay raise this year is the "truth" - you can prove that beyond a reasonable doubt. Proving some of the other things you've stated about FedEx on this list would be quite difficult for you to prove as an individual. When you are either trying to fight to keep your job (after being handed a termination notice) or potentially a defendant in a civil action, you don't have the resources to prove much of anything. This is one of the benefits of being a union member, having some form of legal protection. But you didn't want to go that route and campaign to organize...

    So don't wrap yourself in a blanket of smugness and believe for a minute that you are protected because you "tell the truth" and have "free speech". You are literally one posting away from FedEx deciding that you are an irritant and dropping the hammer on you and your employment.

    You've made numerous insinuations, threats and even malicious statements (all in violation of your employment agreement) towards FedEx and those who are employed by FedEx in a management position over you - this opens you up for potential retaliation since you've publically identified yourself.

    Your continuing to post here while having made it very clear that you have no other personal options for employment is absolutely idiotic. If you don't have any other options in life, you don't kick sand into the face of your employer after having identified yourself. Its called playing with fire and there is a reason why people shouldn't do it - you especially.
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    Talk about smugness, you hold yourself up as the ultimate authority on just about everything. I don't know the identity of anyone on this forum save one former coworker. You seem to think everything operates in a vacuum where FedEx can drag me in chains before an anonymous tribunal behind closed doors. It doesn't happen, nor will it. Stating facts isn't libelous. You can scream it all day long but it won't make it so. Yeah, I'm an idiot, but I've made myself known for about 10 years now, still here. The truth. Try it. It'll change your life.
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    I've called them greedy bastards. Where are all the threats and insinuations? I've also told members of upper management in person how unfair I think the pay policies are. Still here. Actually I think they respect those who stand up for themselves, especially when the words are backed up with hard work. Those who play industrial spy with inside contacts probably have much more to worry about. I'd be paranoid if I were you, ROFLMBO!!


    Look at the Goldman-Sachs employee that just resigned by sending his resignation letter to the media...some people think that person is an absolute idiot, others will say they are one ballsy S.O.B. I lean more towards this.....THAT WAS FREAKING AWESOME!!! Too bad they'll never work in banking again, but I'm sure someone will hire them "just because". We need a few of those here at FedEx, just to try to shed some light on what really happens here.

    It's like we're all at the magic show, the public is...well, the public, but we, the employees, know about the trap door in the stage and aren't allowed to tell anyone about it.
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    I can 1 up you.....I remember when this p.o.s. was our district director. He was an :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: then, and now look at what he's evolved to....Still has absolutely no clue about the operation or how to properly serve our customers.
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    Man!!!! interesting posting.
    May all of you remain hidden as I hope to be.
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    Brave souls!