McCain and a Vietnam/POW Cover-Up?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Sep 28, 2008.

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    McCain has also covered up about who really killed JFK and he has been especially involved in covering up the truth that UFOs are really aliens from other star systems.
    I personally think he is an alien. If you look a the pictures of those post-surgery scars from his supposed cancer, you can see that it is his alien inner-self trying break out.
    Scary wonder he is so amenable to let illegal aliens stay in the USA.
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    I almost hate to read information such as that, it's so dang depressing but what then comes to mind is just how our entire government progressively gets worse. All Of Them!!!! My daughter is only 8 years old and she made a comment to me the other day about all the political commercials we see on TV from state level to our wonderful presidential candidates put in there advertisements. She asked me is that all the do to one another? She is 8 and can pick out that the only things they do is trade licks with each other about how terrible the other is. LOL On a serious note I simply have almost no respect for what we call "the system" and it terrifies me to know I have three children (young) that lord knows by then what they will be faced with.
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    That's It!

    I always wondered why they took you out of Atlanta Hub and moved you over to an empty building filled with geeks!

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    ROFL there may be something to this rumor. Word is palin may actually be an amazonian returned from a deep freeze after hundreds of years. No wonder she kills and guts moose with such ease.

    As for the article another one claiming to be in search of the truth as they rewrite history.