Meet a Browncafer...


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I can think of a couple dozen I would like to meet. Stateside, it would be Cheryl. Outside of the states, it would be our friend to the north, DS.

Thankyou, over. I'd like to meet you too.:happy2:


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I'm telling you More, it all comes back to the big BrownCafe party/group vacation thing!

We'll all have name tags with our screen name...

It'll be great!


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I want to meet everyone. Most of you I already feel like I know.
If there were only one I would have to say two. As a woman you know I cant settle for what you are offering.
Over9five and tieguy.


What a hard question. I'd like to meet everyone, too. I think Tie and Dannyboy. How are the BBQ/picnic party coming? LOL


I turned around and she said
"Why do you always end up down at the brown cafe'?"
I said ,"I don't know,the wind just kinda pushes me this way"

It would be a blast if everyone showed up.We could have diadlover do his version of the whiteboard add,overninefive can show us his weapon,we'd have to have a boxing ring for tie and griff,moreluck n me laughing at the shennanigans,really though,some of us DID manage to exchange Christmas cards this year so we are a step closer.If we were all to have a party,where should it be?The most central state is Kentucky
so if we all meet at the hub....:happy2:naw we would have to plan it a year in advance ,it could be an interesting experience I'm all for it!


Tough choice.
You said just one.
If it was to see what someone looked like, I say Tie.
If it was someone to visit while cooking dinner, I say More.
If it was someone to feel at home with, I say Tooner.
If it was someone to thank, I say Cheryl.
If it was someone to get drunk with, I say DS.
If it was someone to go camping with, I say Scratch.
Damnation, the list just goes on.
I can't make a single choice.


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I know of one browncafer that works in my building but this individual works in the evening and I work in the mornings so we haven't met face to face yet.


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Who put the dip in the dip-de-dip-de-dip Who was that man, I'd like to shake his hand He made my baby fall in love with me .


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I stand corrected- it's who put the bop in the bop she bop she bop. :peaceful: You Tube to the rescue again. A person really only needs a few sites to know everything there is to know. Brown Cafe, You Tube, Snopes,Stupid Vidios, and Google.:wink2: