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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by urbetta, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. urbetta

    urbetta New Member

    I'm tired of my hub on twilight. Management is HORRIBLE. They understaff us, don't hold anyone accountable for anything and all they do is yell and demand 300 pph sometimes 400 pph. Ppl don't show up to work we don't double we just try to make it. It's exhausting to run understaffed in this heat everyday. When I say this to management they just say it's only 4 hrs. A few part time dups care but none of the full timers do so nothing changes. We've been getting worse and worse WE NEED CHANGE
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  2. urbetta

    urbetta New Member

    BTW if I'm a loader do I have to go to unload even tho ive never been trained
  3. Cowboy Mac

    Cowboy Mac Active Member

    If you're past your 30 days then file file file. We have a system in place for the protection of the workers. If you don't use it, the company takes advantage. Show management that you will not tolerate being treated without respect. You say that you are "exhausted". You shouldn't be exhausted because UPS can't staff their operation. Work at a steady pace that is safe and comfortable for you. Management will try to squeeze production out of you but if you continue to file, they will eventually realize that you are not worth it. Then they will staff their operation.

    I was I'm your position last summer. I'm also from Texas and I wear pants to work every day. I don't get exhausted. By the way, unload is where you want to be. It's much easier than loading.
  4. Cowboy Mac

    Cowboy Mac Active Member

    You don't HAVE to go to unload, but if I were you, I would because it is easier.
  5. urbetta

    urbetta New Member

    I'm so used to loading it's what I wanna do ima tell everyone in mesquite to start filing for the good of the company. Is running understaffed and getting fubared really better than being staffed and running well all day?
  6. retiredTxfeeder

    retiredTxfeeder cap'n crunch

    This company prefers to run understaffed and short of equipment. Just an observation from being here a long, long time.
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  7. PT Car Washer

    PT Car Washer Well-Known Member

    It seems like in my building the sorts are overstaffed and they just ask the higher seniority employees if they want the night off. At $10.10 an hour and no benefits UPS can afford to hire a lot of extra help. That way they are covered for the call ins and no shows and the quitters.
  8. I heard McDonalds is hiring.
  9. SCV good to go sir.

    SCV good to go sir. Active Member

    Same thing happens at my hub. Try to get some of your coworkers to file with you, power in numbers. Understand that things probably won't change overnight.
  10. clean hairy

    clean hairy Well-Known Member

    What is he going to file on?
    That they don't have staffing to his liking, and he doesn't want to work as directed and unload when required?
  11. Cowboy Mac

    Cowboy Mac Active Member

    It sounds like he is being harassed. If he isn't now, he will be if he starts to work safely and by the methods. If they ever threaten to send him home, discipline him, etc., because of his numbers he can file for harassment. File for supervisors working. Understaffed operations always have supervisors working and that could be a way to make some extra money. If you are being wronged at work, grieve it so the issue is brought to the attention of the Union. That's what we pay dues for.
  12. greengrenades

    greengrenades To be the man, you gotta beat the man.

    You have to slow down. That is the problem with all these new guys, yall come in thinking you are impressing people and your not. EVERYONE needs to SLOW THE F DOWN. The harder you work, the more work you get, the better job you do eliminates positions people could be hired into. Why would they hire anyone else when they have a bunch of dumbies killing themselves to get the job done. It's pretty simple.
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  13. Notcool

    Notcool Member

    300pph is pretty easy.... 400 is about the right pace. When I loaded.. 500 the first hr was normal. Its not a job for everyone. Its rough.. some people are in better shape than others so 400pph feels easy to them but hard for others. Specially after many years of loading
  14. FrigidFTSup

    FrigidFTSup Resident Suit

    The yelling is pathetic, but a 400pph is not hard to achieve. Even the worst guy on my sort can do a 425.
    You need to be trained to unload? A monkey could unload.
    On what? The fact they made him unload? Good luck.
    Work as directed.
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  15. Cowboy Mac

    Cowboy Mac Active Member

    It depends on the person, but 400 PPH is pretty fast if you're loading. You'd have to be just throwing packages in there to get that number. Forget about load quality if you want speeds over 300. When I was a loader I stayed around 160-180, but I had flawless walls because I used the proper methods.

    You need to be trained to unload. They certify us every 3 months.

    He could grieve for being sent out before junior or trained employees. Supervisors must send out TRAINED employees first. I have won that grievance before.

    Work as directed applies to tasks that supervisors ask you to do such as load in this trailer, go to unload, etc. It does not apply to pph. This is a
  16. Cowboy Mac

    Cowboy Mac Active Member

    Work as directed applies to tasks that supervisors ask you to do such as load in this trailer, go to unload, etc. It does not apply to pph. This is a quota for management to meet. As teamsters, we do not have a set quota. The contract only states "a fair days work for a fair days wage" or something along those lines. So as long as he is not working at a slow motion pace, he will be fine.
  17. urbetta

    urbetta New Member

    I'm not saying i cant unload I just don't want to. We are told to work as a team so loaders have to go to unload at the beginning to help then go back to our belt and load. However at the rend when we're messed up the unloaded go home. They don't even try to help how is that teamwork
  18. browner89

    browner89 Active Member

    It's the same way everywhere because most management think that higher seniority employees dont need to do as much work, when in reality it only means they can request more work over a lower seniority employee. So they send home the high seniority employees before the work is finished because they aren't aware that isn't how it is supposed to happen. Higher management doesn't fight it because it's a person making more money off of the clock which makes them look better and helps with their bonuses.

    Unloading generally goes to the higher seniority guys because its the simplest and easiest job at UPS for the most part. They "earn" it. Then they go home because nobody stops them.
  19. Cowboy Mac

    Cowboy Mac Active Member

    Then if you know how to unload you can't argue that you're not trained. So you can only argue seniority. Make sure that you pay attention to which loaders stay and load when they send you out. If they are junior, and know how to unload, you can grieve. You would say, "On July 1, 2015, supervisor Bob sent me to Unload while junior employees Jim and Dan remained in PD1. Jim and Dan are trained in unload. Respect my seniority! Junior employees must be sent out of the area first."
  20. Cowboy Mac

    Cowboy Mac Active Member

    This is incorrect. Seniority is the right to preference. The way it should go is that they ask the senior employees if they want to leave first. Then, if no senior employees want to leave, they FORCE the employee with the least seniority to leave. Ask from top down, force from bottom up. The unloaders go home first because they finish unloading for the night. They do tape ups and then leave. The packages still have to make their way down the belts to the load side and they have to be loaded before the loaders can go home. The loaders also have recycles and irregular that they have to take care of before they leave.