You have until Friday to get over 200 pph or we'll decide this isn't a good fit for you

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Just try your best. Truth be told they need people, so I’m sure you’ll make it. Once you pass probation ignore the pph talk. No inside worker is getting fired for moving “ slow”. Work safe.

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You still at UPS bud?
I was wondering the same thing.
We're several days past the Friday "deadline".

Helping helping.
For God's sake

So, there was something important I forgot to mention in the first post: I also had to work on some safety violations. Well, apparently I didn't improve in that regard, so they let me go. We left on professional and friendly terms. They said I can come back in 2 months, maybe I'll try to get a small sorts job if I still want to work at UPS then. I feel like I came out of this whole experience a better person.