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    In Metro Philly district, there are a number of hubs spread out over PA and South New Jersey. The primary hubs for Philadelphia are located on Oregon Ave in S. Philly and the air hub at Philly Int'l, which is the delivery hub for the suburbs south and west of the city. The ground hub is located in Willow Grove/Horsham Pa.

    At Willow Grove there are a ton of feeders jobs, so many they hire drivers off the street. A similar scenario is found at the hub in Pleasantville NJ. Feeders are coming into Philly proper and picking up and delivering to the very businesses packages drivers from Oregon Ave deliver and pickup up from. Heard of P-ville (Pleasantville) runs to PHL (Philly Air Hub), picking up trailers from there and making the stops that need to be made, before returning to P-Ville. Meanwhile, at tue PHL hubs and Oregon Ave hubs one could wait 20-25 years for a feeder gig.

    I've been told that a beef between the managers of the feeder depts in Philly led to the situation we have with the scarce opportunities to go into feeders, while they hire off the street in the suburban hubs to do CITY runs. Nothing we can do about that (or is there? I don't know.) However, I know of no differences in pay, pension or anything else between all these hubs in the Philly area. How hard would it be to set things up so the various workers could transfer among hubs? I brought this up at our proposal meeting but was told transferring outside the locals was impossible, but I know you guys in the Western States do so. How could this happen here?
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    What? Cooperation between the locals in South Jersey, Philly, and Norristown? They've been at each others throat
    forever. The city guys never feel like they get enough backing from the suburb guys. They each run their own little fiefdom. And none of them are about to lose
    members to each other. They each would have their own pension fund if they could. Baloney about the beef between managers.
    Managers come and go. It's the local officials who have been there forever.
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    Wouldn't there be more power in greater numbers? Also, why wouldn't UPS pursue this? Hiring from within vs training someone off the street completely foreign to the operation, to UPS? I also can't help but think that it could boost morale a little as more jobs in many areas would be open to all the affected employees.
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    UPS loves it because they save money on training. The off the street hires already have a CDL and driving experience. Beyond that they just need to learn the UPS methods.
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    Exactly right. Plus they hire them as casuals. Without health benefits. And UPS can jerk them
    around for at least a year. If they cut the mustard and become full time drivers they
    actually take a pay cut to get the full time job. But they do get the benefits. But that is already part of their
    operational cost anyway.
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    So there is no incentive for UPS or the union to make this move for Philly drivers? Can a driver ask for something like this to be brought up for vote somehow?
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    You can ask all you want. But you're not gonna get one.
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    This is the reason UPS will eventually dominate us. Divide and conquer. A Convoy Dispatch newspaper earlier this year listed the different retirement packages, and it was quite a shock to see the differences between each Local. This is just a microcosm of the way UPS beats us. Different supplement rules for different locals. Did you know that some supplements don't allow part-timers to take breaks? Why do we even have a International when the Locals have such different rules and laws? Just because your Local has better language than another Local doesn't give you any extra security. If anything, that just puts more pressure on your Local to step back into the pack. And how will you resist? Hey, the rest of them are doing it, you should too...

    This is how they will dominate us. I know some parts of the country have higher cost of living than other areas, but that could be accounted for. But we should all have the same language. It would benefit us as a whole.
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    Is that where Parking Wars is filmed? I love that show.