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    Religion ftl

    Michigan's Anti-Bullying Bill: Protecting Religious Tormenters? | Swampland | TIME.com

    "On Wednesday, the Republican-controlled state senate passed an anti-bullying bill that manages to protect school bullies instead of those they victimize. It accomplishes this impressive feat by allowing students, teachers, and other school employees to claim that “a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction” justifies their harassment."
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    I read a piece on this yesterday that was making the same claims as this one and I must say it is very unsettling. I searched for more info but could not find anything that would give the exact text from the bill that allows or justifies the bullying. I wasn't even able to find the bill it's self. I did find earlier drafts that do not have this in them but understand it was added to the original version.

    Bullying is wrong, regardless and needs to be addressed head on. Another thing that also bothers me is the ambiguity of the definition of bullying. My question is, does one's expressing their personal views on, for example homosexuality , translate to bullying?

    BTW, I used homosexuality as an example only because it was used in the article you linked to. I would hate to see this thread turn into a gay bashing vs gay defending thread.
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    Hello, it's Michigan.......the muslim stronghold in America (Dearborne) It's a prelude to the "change". Wake up!!
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    Yeah, agree. I did not want to raise this topic for a bash-fest, but rather just for awareness.
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    If anyone comes up with the actual text to at least this part of that bill, please post a link on here. I still haven't found it. I even looked on Michigan's legislature web site.
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    This site suggests a couple places and has the bill too.....check it out and see if it helps........

    Michigan - Anti Bullying Legislation
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    Thanks, but this one was passed in '07 and doesn't not mention any exclusions like what the article was mentioning.
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    Senate passes ‘license to bully’ legislation | Michigan Messenger

    Right-to-bully-sometimes law passed by Michigan Republican controlled senate :dissapointed:
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    Please, tell how expressing a religious view is bullying? How is that any different from free speech?

    Person one proudly proclaims their homosexuality and states there is nothing wrong with that.

    Person two proudly proclaims their faith and states that homosexuality is wrong.

    Looks to me we just have opposing opinions as to what is right or wrong.

    To me, some of these objections have nothing to do with bullying, but with a christians right to free expression. You constitutionalists need to be a little more consistent.

    Of course we all know that any conversation can quickly become a bulling session when opposing views are discussed. Subject matter should play a back seat role behind actions.
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    I am not at all disagreeing with your example. You are speaking of two people having a disagreement.

    The point where the line is blurred is when, for ex., a person is *physically or emotionally attacked* because of whatever personal choice they are making, and the bully or bullies fall back on religion and are no longer deemed bullies according to laws as they are protected.

    Am I mistaking something?
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    I can see that happening but then I can see it going the other way also.

    As far as you missing something, I don't know if you are. I do know that I feel I am missing the text from the law it's self. I still haven't found that but have found where both sides as giving their opinions on the law.

    I can see how this law could allow for misuse on incorrect application of the law. IMO, from what I can fid, it isn't a very well written law. Dang Michiganders.
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    Hope this helps

    Michigan Legislature - Senate Bill 0137 (2011)

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    actually I may have posted the wrong one, I'd look into it further and had the link at some point, but have to work now.
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    Your second link is the right one. I dunno, reading through it I think all the opposition to it might just be tilting at windmills. I can't see where it's going to act as a shield for someone who beats up another kid for "being a fag" and then claims he was just acting on his religious beliefs.
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    It's Michigan! The Muslim Capitol of the U.S.....having a religious exemption is bending over backwards for the foreigners.

    This 'note' is from a different story, but applies to what's happening in Michigan.....

    Note: The most dangerous element of this "precedent" appears to be a US city council making a unilateral decision. No input from non-Muslim US citizen-residents was required — or permitted.

    Michigan: the Islamic capital of the US
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    There were a few sentences inserted that clearly give way to bullying.