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  1. scratch

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    Today, Atlanta Falcon Quarterback Michael Vick, (locally aka Ron Mexico), pleaded not guilty for fighting Pit Bulldogs on land he owns in Surry County, Virginia. Mike, known as "Ookie" to his friends, was indicted along with three of his buddies, "P-Funk", "Q", and "T". Police seized about 55 dogs and discovered many carcasses buried in a mass grave. Supposedly, when dogs from Vick's "Bad Newz Kennels" lost a fight, they would be put to death by drowning, electrocution, hanging, shot, or in one case; violently thrown on the ground. Vick claims he is innocent and didn't know what was happening on his property, even though one witness claimed Vick personally paid him $26,000 when his dogs beat two of his. Vick is also under investigation in Arizona for another Pit Bull Fighting Ring.

    Michael Vick bought this land about 2001 after he went Pro and signed a 64M dollar contract. In 2004, he signed a ten year, 130 million dollar deal. He has lost most of his endorsements. This is another case of someone hitting it big and making bad decisions about who they hang around with. First Offense, will probably get off pretty light. Great role model. He is lucky that Atlanta Falcon Owner Arthur Blank, only suspended him from the team. He doesn't get the same punishment he gave his dogs.:mad:

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  2. Sammie

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    Scratch, I read about that and it made me sick. That and cock fighting.

    And like the old saying goes,

    You can take the boy out and make him a millionaire ten times over, but you can't take the trash out of the boy... Well, you get my meaning...
  3. 705red

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    I do not agree with what vicks been "charged with" dog fighting, but we do have to remember we are innocent until proven guilty!

    He waill have his day in court and if hes found guilty hes done in the nfl, if hes found innocent its to late the damage is already done and it seems like hes been convicted by the public.
  4. satellitedriver

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    You are right about innocent until proven quilty. If found guilty, his fame and money will protect him.
    My bet in this dog fight is ,he had full knowledge and participated.
    Sadly, I have been around dog fighters/breeders ect..., they all take videos or cameras to the fights. Good bet, one will show up.
    If he is innocent, he will be able to prove it.
    If he is guilty as charged,(to put it politely) his mountain oysters should be feed to his own dogs.
    It will be up to the judge and jury to decide.
  5. moreluck

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    If Sheriff Joe in Maricopa County gets a hold of this guy......he's done for. As of now, he's just a person of interest in the AZ. case.....and innocent 'til proven otherwise (yeah, right!)
  6. diesel96

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    Micheal vicks penalty!!!
    Get em Rover!!! Tear him up...and his posse to!!!
  7. Harry Manback

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    I find it hard to believe one would have, not 1, not 2, not even 10, but 55 live dogs and a "mass" grave of dead ones on his property and him not be guilty of some form maltreatment to animals. Of course, he could've been privy to a new chain of Korean restaurants and been testing out new recipe ideas up there in VA. But probably not. I hope they throw the book at him. If he's convicted, I think a fitting punishment would be to let him be the "training dummy" for law enforcement/military working dogs only without the padding.
  8. wkmac

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    Nice Job Diesel!

    Innocent Until Proven Guilty? Yep, it's a hallmark of our justice system but let me put it this way.

    You've got kids and you have a neighbor who seems nice enough, is a pretty good neighbor and is even good to and around your kids. So much so that your kids play in the neighbor's yard and he even horses around with them from time to time looking for that momentary foundation of youth we look for when acting the kid again. Aches and pains generally bring us back to reality!

    Everything seems all "Leave It To Beaver" when one day the cops show up and haul this guy off and on the evening news you see his mugshot and the list of child molestation charges being read off. Via his attorney, he adamantly defends his innocence and then he's released on bond to return home. Do you still hold that "innocent till proven guilty" stance and let your kids do the same routine as they once did? Is any and all doubt erased from your mind and you have no second thoughts about risking your kids on the premise that someone is innocent till proven guilty? In principle, I want to agree with your opinion but we have the luxury of sitting afar and making judgement. It's another thing when you find yourself in the middle of it. Even after OJ was found innocent, would you want your family to be around this guy?

    Innocent until proven guilty is a requirement on the courts and if you become a jurist you must take that mindset until the gov't proves it's case beyond reasonable doubt. At this time I'm under none of these conditions and therefore I believe in Vick's case where there is so much smoke that there is bound to be at least some fire.
  9. diesel96

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    As far as your analogy you make a good point...BUT....
    Thats why I work for Brown...Don't think I'd make a good cop.
    I'd be seen on an episode of "Cops" beating your pre-judged neighbor like Rodney King...
  10. Dutch Dawg

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    Back in the late 70's I worked with a widower who's wife had been murdered 9 years earlier. In the month before the tenth year anniversary of her death the DA in the small county of the small town in which he lived and this all took place decided to charge him with the murder. Something about limitations on other charges related to this case. My co-worker spent, if memory serves me right about 6 months in lock up awaiting trial. Just before trial began his brother-in-law (deceased wife's brother) commited sucide leaving behind a note confessing to the murder. I remember the stigma his reputation took while he was in lock up. Just...what 16 months ago most of us would have thought the Duke LaCrosse players were rapists. Imagine the stigma they've endured from those that don't know them.

    From other experiences more firsthand I know that applied justice isn't always the truth. Today a 'successful' prosecutor often seems more concerned with building evidence than discovering evidence and believe me there is a difference. Discovering evidence generally doesn't necessitate coercing witnesses to testify under threat of other prosecution.

    Go ahead and judge Michael Vick because you find the act of dog fighting deplorable and that's justification enough. I'll try to wait until the outcome of the trial and see how many of the charges are judged true.
  11. Sammie

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    That's the truth, Dutch. Having been an intervenor in a child custody case and a witness at a manslaughter trial myself, (yes, life has it's unexpected twists and turns), between the prosecution, the defense, the petitioner, and the respondents, sometimes it seems that the person who happens to be the better actor walks away with the prize.
  12. upsdude

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    Vick played his HS ball just a couple miles from my house. The general feeling around here is guilty as charged. It’s been interesting to hear folks express their feelings on this deal locally. My route covers business and lower to middle class neighborhoods, about a 50-50 mix of black and white. I’d say more black folks have condemned him then whites. I say that because the local media has been doing it’s best to make this a race issue. It ain’t working, not locally anyway.

    I don’t know if he’s guilty or not, but it sure don’t look good for him. One of the allegations claims he would order poor performing dogs to be electrocuted. A caller to a local radio show suggested the Falcons use similar punishment when the QB throws an interception.

    Just a note about the local preacher and his not wanting anyone to “rush to judgment”. Harris recently demanded murder charges against a local police officer that shot and killed a black man. Harris made those demands while police were literally still on the scene investigating the incident. For Harris, I guess it depends on the person targeted before he would “rush to judgment”.
  13. upsdude

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    Now that was funny!:thumbup1:
  14. diesel96

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    Can ya hear me!

    Thx for the reps...nephew sent me the pic...Had to share it on this thread
  15. scratch

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    Thats another example of why I believe we should have term limits for all politicians. And we should also pay them after they balance the Budget!

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    I hope "Ookie" is wililng to share all that loot he's worth. He's gonna need a lot of protection where he's going...
  17. wkmac

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    And depry us all those stories of his dog Billy during fillibuster times?

    Be still my child!

    Nah, I understand your point and there are numerous examples to support this. I use to always get a kick out of hearing Sen. Ernest Hollings of SC talk because he remined me of a human form of the cartoon rooster, Foghorn Leghorn. "I say SON!"

    Your idea of the balance budget did make me think of something. Cut Congressional and Executive branch pay by 50% and then tell those Bozos that any more money for them would come from the following formula.

    A surplus amount left over from a balanced budget and Congress divides up a 40% bonus and the rest goes to paying down the national debt. Once national debt is paid off and surplus exists then Congress gets a 70% bonus and the remaining 30% goes into a rainy day fund designed to be left untouched unless serious national emergency with the idea to grow the fund to a fully funded status that could support gov't functions and allow the various taxing methods of the gov't to not only be reduced but then cut to a bare minimum across the board for everyone.

    I know it's pie in the sky but your comments Scratch sparked the idea!

    c ya!

    And now for your listening pleasure some morning music. Today's request is in honor of Diesel's pic and is that famous Wing's song of the 70's called, "Man on the Run!

  18. scratch

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    Hey wkmac,

    Since most politicians are lawyers making very good money, I have always wondered why they would give up a lucrative practice to run for public office at a greatly reduced salary. I'm sure its for the good of the people instead of padding their pockets on the side.:blink:

    As for Michael Vick, perhaps a new theme song for him should be, "Who Let The Dogs Out?". I'm not a football fan, I could care less. He could possibly be innocent, I haven't seen the evidence in the indictment yet. But if someone comes forward with video of him participating, he's toast. But he did ask for a jury trial. And his attitude in a interview I recently saw was "I'm Michael Vick, everybody loves Michael Vick!". And celebrities are more special than the rest of us you know.:glare:
  19. browniehound

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    Personally I think pit-bulls should be outlawed or made to become extinct because they are such a danger to little children. My neighbor's 5 year old daughter was attacked by one of these vicious creatures and she's maimed for life now. So the thought of 2 pit-bulls tearing each others brains out doesn't bother me.

    What bothers me is the sick individual that would steal somebody's pet, (lets say golden retriever or french poodle) and throw it in a cage for a pit bull to destroy. Apparently this is what Vick's gang was doing to "test" or "prime" the fighting dogs. Somebody capable of this should be doing jail time.
  20. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    I had a neighbors kid that was attacked and maimed by mutt. Should they be extinct too. All dogs can be evil. Just like people.