Military Reserve question for current reservist

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    So I happend to notice on the UPS career page it has a section for Military personal looking for a career. In the section it refers to "differential pay". Is it that plain cut and dry or is there any stipulations to the differential pay? I have been with the company for almost 2 yrs and I am currently a T.C.D. if this question has been asked sorry I seen plenty on USERRA but nothing specific on the differential pay subject.
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    I have 3 reservists that work for me and I have never heard of any pay differentials. Not saying it doesn't exist. But something tells me they'd make you jump through a bunch of hoops over it.
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    I thought if you were deployed they paid the difference between your inside rate and what the government paid.
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    That is what the differential pay is.
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    Yea I wonder who would be the best source to go to in the company. In my bldg it depends in H.R. who u talk to which story you will get I would rather talk to someone at corporate who may have a definent answer in regards to the stipulations. I guess ill do my research on what number is best to contact about it.