Minn Driver caught in bridge collapse

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by tieguy, Aug 9, 2007.

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    It is a nicely written story.
    I have heard of a few of the injured feeling as he did that he should have been able to help, but when you are a victim of something like this, it is just better to get out of the way under your own power than try to be a hero.
    Thoughts and prayers to our brother.
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    hes been with UPS for less then a year and is driving? :mad:
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    He is with UPS Freight.
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    only took me 6 months, but like was stated, Freight..

    Good story too.
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    I laughed out loud when I read the part that said he "wouldn’t let them cut off his UPS socks because they cost $8 a pair.”
    This is why I make my own...
    Gold Toe, or your favorite brand, and RIT dye. Usually costs 3 to 4 dollars a pair this way.
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    We all complain about how bad UPS management is but management has certainly treated this guy with exceptional class. When I was in Chicago, my first full-timer gave me his cell number and said, "Call me anytime--day or night--if you need something. I'll probably be able to help somehow." Hats off to UPS for how well this worker has been treated. -Rocky
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    I hope they don't call that an avoidable accident.

    Great article. Yea, the part about the socks is funny. Glad he's alright. To bad we can't say the same for others.
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    i was told he was a brown driver, not Freight. He did have on Brown Shorts. Don't the Freight guys wear grey & brown? Amazing how he was so worried about helping out the others who were injured or missing.

    Also, in our building, we hired feeder drivers off the street because we had so many guys retire and the package guys didn't want to go to feeders.:confused:1
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    could there be truth to this?
  11. He does work for UPS Freight now, before which I have been told by other feeder drivers he worked as a seasonal feeder driver out of the St. Paul Hub (Eagan, MN).