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  1. Art_Vandelay

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    I am currently a Twilight loader and was curious what happens to misloads that I did not scan but end up in my trailer.

    For example, I load a single trailer the entire shift and find three misloads that I at first scanned but F7'ed out of my scanner and set on the catwalks. I am told to go wrap up three other trailers during the final 30 minutes of the day and someone else will wrap up the trailer that I loaded up to that point. If that person were to throw those three misloads into the trailer without scanning them would they come back under my name since i loaded 98% of that trailer? Can they just assume that since I loaded most of that trailer that I misloaded them even though they are not in my scanner? I asked my supervisor and he couldn't give me an answer because he wasn't sure how that would work out.

  2. FrigidFTSup

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    You shouldn't get dinged for it, but it doesn't mean they won't try to do it. Especially since you were the last person to scan it. I know you say you removed it, but a location scan will still appear on it since it was scanned. If that last location scan is you, they are going to ding you. Your only saving grace is the fact that someone else was in the trailer.
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    Next time you get a misload throw it as far out the door as possible. That way when it's time to clean up some ding dong won't reload it.
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    Last person to scan the package (even if removed) will have their ID linked on the misload report. If they start trying to discipline you for it, physically remove the packages from your trailer and put them in the correct door and/or take them to the return slide yourself even if your pickoffs are crying bloody murder.