Missing Houston Children found murdered

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by toonertoo, Jun 21, 2008.

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    What a horrific story.
    What creates a monster like this?
    His initial interview he was very defiant, a real piece of work.
    I wish instead of a trial they would inject a gallon drano in his veins, and let him suffer.
    I can only imagine those childrens fear before they were burned to death. Your Dad is suppose to protect you. At least they are in a better place than when they were at his apt. One of 2 apts. Sick, sick, sick!
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    When Susan Smith belted her two children in a car, and the texas whacko drowned her five children, it was on the headlines forever.
    This father burnt his children to death, and no coverage. Whats up with that?
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    Double standard
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    I guess.
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    Sad to say we see so many of these stories that the news media may have become numb to the shock value. For me I hear these stories and relate it to the fond memories I have of my kids at those ages, the trust, loyalty and blind devotion I recieved from them at those ages and it just makes me sick to my stomach to even think of something so terrible.
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    Yes me too tie.
    But I think there are ulterior motives for not having this covered, like the failings of the entitlement programs.
    These babies were just sweet little children, with obviously and idiot for a mother and a demon for a father. And judging by the stories Ive read, supported in their lifestyles by the US taxpayer. It makes me sick that I helped this lifestyle. It makes me ill that anyone could do such a thing. Drugs, who the heck that works, has time enough on their hands to do drugs?
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    Re: Whackjobs everywhere

    How about the young girl murdered in VT? Looks like her uncle and step-dad run some young girl sex ring. (She was 12).

    It's a sick, sick world.

    And was it the SC who just decided you can't put child molesters to death? Why not?
    I've said it before just like gays getting married, someday child molesters will be ok (Cuz they were born like that, it's not their fault).

    The world in decay.
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    Re: Whackjobs everywhere

    that train of thought is going way too far.