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    Ok so I have been with the company just over 6 years, I should have two weeks vacation and one option week plus two option days right?? I have taken my option week already and one option day and have been paid for them, no problem there! The problem is, it shows I have 15.34 hours of vacation remaining!! How is this even possible since they don't allow partial vacations AND I have not been paid for any other vacation time?? I have asked my steward and my boss and none of them seem to know what I should do!! I have my vacation time put in for 4 weeks from now and am worried that one I won't get a check and two I will lose benefits for the time I am off!! HELP!! Thanks all!
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    Call your union BA. Know his or her name and have 'em in your phone.

    Part timers get a third week of vacation at 5 years where I am.