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My hub in North Jersey is expecting to process 92,000 packages for Monday. I wonder if this is going to be the peak day. Can't wait...350 stops should be fun.

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I believe they're predicting Wednesday the 20th to be the peak day, here planned volume for tonights sort is 179,000. Roughly 170% normal volume, been pretty slow up till last Friday though, seems everyone still waits till the last minute.


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North Jersey district here too. We have a 8:15 start tomorrow and then a 9:15 start for the other 4 days this week.
All hell is going to break loose im thinking. Wont get the relief on xmas eve either that Im used to.


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Tomorrow (Monday) will be our heaviest day of the year so far according to forcasts. Wednesday is our heaviest day of the week so the 20th should be tremendous. Some of our heavy residential routes left last week with well over 300 stops. That should be the norm this week and Wednesday should be over 350-400 stops per residential route. Of course there will be added routes this week on top of the already added routes from the week before. I don't expect to clock out till after 8pm every day this week. I'm on a 70/30 business route so I shouldn't see more than 150 stops but I'll still stay out and help those that are less fortunate than I. Remember guys, be safe first and hustle second. No need to twist ankles and the like just because we're overloaded. Also, watch out for all the crazy travelers this week. They have alot of their minds as well and driving might not be on the top of their concentration list.


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monday is the peak day for ground (our hub had 106 of trailer delayed in the mountains due to weather, and they're coming in sunday night), 21st is peak day for air.

fun fun fun!


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I couldn't tell you what our numbers are projected for this week, but I can tell you our start time for Monday has been changed to 07:30 and the rest of the week 08:00. And we have been told it will stay at 08:00 from now till the end of time.

I'm a little concerned about the 07:30 start time tomorrow as some of my regular air stops which only make sense to be my first stops don't even open till 08:30 and it's only a 20-30 minute drive from the centre to my area. On the plus side of the early start time is OT will begin even before my last two schedule PU's.

I do feel sorry for our preloaders though. Their start time for this Monday has been moved to 22:00 on Sunday. Sucks for them.


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our start times haven't even been posted as of friday night(sheet is still 3 weeks old)
And today we get a call that we aren't starting till 10AM.... Peak is going to rock.