More Feeder radio questions??

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    I have an international and I've been working on putting my radio in. Got everything working, but I have a question on wiring the speakers. The trucks only have a left and right speaker connection. I wired the two rear speaker wires from the radio into the truck speakers. The front speaker wires aren't connected to anything right now. Would it help or doing nothing at all to spice the radios front and rear right speaker wires together, and the front and rear left speaker wires together, and connect that to the pair of speaker clips on the dash of the truck? The truck has four speaker, but only a left and right connection on the dash.
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    With most radios you just hook up the front speaker wires to the connections on the dash. Really are you looking for concert hall sounds or just something to help keep you awake?
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    If you pull that panel you will see that both front and rear left and front and rear right speakers are wired together. Just use either the front or rear speaker wires as your fader is preset to the middle and both will have output.

    Also, every International I've driven has those wires a tad short so if you lose a speaker pull that panel and make sure they are still connected. A good bump will pop them loose.
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    also make the power cord longer as the hot and grnd post are in a stupid place,,,put big wire clips on them as well because those post loosen easily !!!
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    Just use one set of speaker wires. Either the front or the rear, then set the radio fader controls to that set of speakers. I use the front set- set the radio for full front speakers, then set the balance control to the right, so that the sound is better. I just zip tied the rear wires out of the way.