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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by planetkendra, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. planetkendra

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    Hello! I'm new to this forum.

    I applied for a Seasonal Driver Helper position. I was surprised that the entire process (from application to tax forms to scheduling the interview) was done automatically online. I have an interview date in a few weeks and since everything was done via computer, I have no one to ask questions of. That's where this board comes in.

    After reading a lot of your posts, I'm thinking it's best that I ask stuff on here anyway. I'd rather have brutal honesty than have info glossed over by an HR person. But I read a lot of posts on here and couldn't find the answers to a few questions:

    The online interview scheduling page said that I am to show up at the interview wearing jeans and sturdy shoes and expect to be there for 60 - 90 minutes. Um, that was kind of vague. Am I going to be doing lifting tests or timed drills or is the request for attire because of the UPS locations (i.e., is there a tour of the facility or something).

    Is the DOT physical required for seasonal Driver Helpers too? I don't have anything to hide, but I was just wondering. Seems kind of silly to go through all of that for a job that will only last a month or so.

    The website says nothing about pay rate or specific hours, so I'm assuming I'll be filled in on that during the interview. However, the site says drivers work from 8am to 8pm. Do drivers really work 12 hour days? (wow) and are Driver Helpers along that whole time? Are Driver Helpers on call or given a schedule at the start of a week?

    From reading this board, I strongly get the idea that if I get this job, I'd better move my arse double time and be prepared to work hard.

    Much thanks in advance for any responses.
  2. scratch

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    1.Reason for that Clothing, I don't know. Maybe a tour, doubt if there is any kind of lifting tests. I think that you will watch a video or two about how to handle packages, where to leave them, and maybe working a DIAD, which is how we record deliveries.

    2.DOT Physicals are only for drivers.

    3.Pay Rate I believe may vary in certain parts of the country. Most drivers start 8-8:45, I start my Helper at 11:00 AM after I deliver all my Next Day Air packages. Right now I work him till 4PM, after Thanksgiving when delivery volume goes through the roof, I will work him longer, some work till 8.

    Yes, it is hard work and you will have to hustle. Wear comfortable shoes, bring something to snack on and a water bottle. Good Luck, a good Helper makes a difficult job easier for the Driver, we need you to make Christmas "Peak Season" happen. If you work hard, we will recommend you for a permanent job after the holidays.:wink:
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    Hey new to the forum also, just looking around on what to expect on my driver helper interview.

    The site told me to dress business casual and expect to have the interview last upto 4 hours. Just curious what the 4 hours entails, this is for a job in Manhattan.

    When I called HR they told me helper pays $13.50/hr :confused:1 but thats was in north jersey and to go to the ups career site and to fill out an inquiry for when they start interviewing in 2 weeks. Unfortunatly there were no inquires in north jersey at the time so I filled one out for Manhattan. Anyone know the pay difference for manhattan compared to NJ?

    thanks in advance
  4. MR_Vengeance

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    25 mins of the actual interview, 3 and half hours of paperworks:laugh:

    just kidding, it's most likely gonna be a group interview, so you have to wait for your turn. if you do get hired, here is a tip......."wear comfortble shoes" you going be running alot and jumping in and out of the pkg car, so take care of your feet.
  5. bigdog

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    You wear the shoefor safety reason when you in the facility for the interview. 3-4 hours because they will interview you and if they like you they will put you through a paid orientation that day. After the orientation you can start working as early as the next day if you are available.

    Wages are different in each area of the county.
  6. Wasabii

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    cool ty for the replies. After I posted I figured "well umm it's probally a gropu interview....I'm a jack ass"


    I really don't mind lifting and being on my feet, coming from a design background it always annoied me sitting behind a comp all day. I honestly missed the more physical hands on jobs I had in highschool. Something about coming home tired imo that more rewarding then just "oh I sat behind a comp today...woo hoo?"

    Thanks again.

    OH and to the OP I didn't mean to hijack your thread, hust a thing of mine if there's a post already on the same topic no point in making a new one =D
  7. planetkendra

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    Thanks for the replies.

    I was almost going to cancel the interview. I want to be a Seasonal Driver Helper -- not a Seasonal Driver Hindrance.


    I'm just looking for something for a month or two (I have a seasonal spring thru fall job) but I want to do a good job (for UPSers).
  8. disneyworld

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    Just be honest when you can work. If you say you can start at 11 everyday,please be there,there's nothing worse than waiting around for a helper not knowing they decided to quit or not. If you do decide to quit, just tell someone,we know the job isn't for everyone.A helper can make or break a drivers day during peak. Always dress warm(depending on where you are) it's alot easier to take off too much clothing than not being warm enough.
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    I can say that I am an example of what happens if you hustle as a helper. I was a helper last year for christmas and now I am a full time driver. It is tough work, but I have lost 40lbs and I have to say I am in better shape than I was in High School.
  10. how did u become a seasonal driver helper to a full time in a year when it's a 3-7 year average wait for driving.
  11. 30andout

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    I don't want to sound negative, but I have had some helpers that I told sups. I didn't want because if I can get the job done alone faster what is the point. Others were great and caught on fast.

    K9BITESME All bark and no bite

    Seasonal Driver Helper-for a female

    Hi everyone.:)
    I applied for the Seasonal Driver Helper job...but I am a female and I want to know the good, the bad and the ugly of this job for us females. Are there very many female driver helpers? Also do they pair the driver if it's a male with a male and vice versea? Or does it matter? :confused:1

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.:thumbup1:
  13. MR_Vengeance

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    Re: Seasonal Driver Helper-for a female

    are you hot?

    K9BITESME All bark and no bite

    Re: Seasonal Driver Helper-for a female

    Hmmm... my husband thinks so. But I really need an answer about my question.
  15. GreyRider845

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    Re: Seasonal Driver Helper-for a female

    :bored:You asked for that IMHO. What's up with the who you get paired with? You looking to hook up or thinking you'll get a discriminated against? The whole tone I guess...
  16. moreluck

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    Grey & Mr. V.

    All she did was ask a couple questions. She didn't ask to be hit on!
    If you can't answer her ?? and help out, then no response is necessary. Grow up and check your northern blood pressure. I think it's too far south right now.:closedeye
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    Originally Posted by K9BITESME
    Hi everyone.:)
    I applied for the Seasonal Driver Helper job...but I am a female and I want to know the good, the bad and the ugly of this job for us females. Are there very many female driver helpers? Also do they pair the driver if it's a male with a male and vice versea? Or does it matter? :confused:1

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.:thumbup1:

    I can't speak for Mr. V but, SHE made it awfully gender paranoid sounding to me. I think in this case - "Also do they pair the driver if it's a male with a male and vice versea? Or does it matter?" It does matter this time IMHO - I pity the guy she works with that gives her a bad Sup report. See that discrimination complaint coming. Not hitting, BP north.

    K9BITESME All bark and no bite

    Exactly! I am not in here trying to get a date. I had a good question, or so I thought. I was just courious of who "they" pair you up with. I personally have no problem working with men because I work with them as a Security Officer at a major hospital in my area and deal with a lot of crap. But I asked my question because I have seen female drivers for UPS and I just wondered if they preferred you to be with a female driver if you are a female. What was so hard about that simple question? I personally could care less...oh well, I will find out anyway when I go to my interview on Wed. the 15th.

    Second question: What do the Seasonal Driver Helpers wear? A uniform or street clothes? I hope that's an easier question for the other two morons who dove off the deep end.:lol:
  19. xkingx

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    from recent experience, ive always asked for a male helper..seems to me when i get a female they think its time for tea talk...

    sometimes they give just the helper jacket..other times,like last year, they gave out pants too..

    K9BITESME All bark and no bite

    Hey thanks for the info. But about tea time, ...that wouldn't be me. :lol:
    I am easy going and get along with pretty much anybody and usually have something un common with males even if they are my age(34) or my dad's age. From the age of 9, I grew up without a mother (she died at age 39 of ovarian cancer) and so my Dad and older brother were all I had. So I did the whole "learn about car engines" thing since my dad entered his in car shows,etc. But I am not a Butch either who thinks she knows it all. I don't know it all believe me. But I like to learn and make fiends and get the job done. That's why I was offended by the other posts I got from men.
    But again...thanks alot for trying to answer my questions. Have a good one.:thumbup1: