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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by dupa, Jul 25, 2018.

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    Was on my payroll page at
    Take a look at how generous UPS is trying to be to us
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    Just enough to cover rent for one year lmao.
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    Can we get a bar graph with the cost of living next to it?
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    One thing is for sure, management is starting to squirm. All kinds of meetings going on in my building with stewards, trying to push it through. They are sweating, I hope we all stick together.
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    I can tell you this going down like Monica in the Oval Office at the Roswell building.
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    Projected 5-year cost increases in my city is almost $10,000. This is barring the potential of another rent and housing bull that sent prices upwards %14 in one year alone.
    We are living in an obvious, localized housing and rent bubble, you can tell because a renovated home costs $550,000 easily but there are equivelant parcels of land available at just $50,000 or less. The smart(er) move would be to have a construction company build your house for a total of just $350,000, much cheaper than what exists on the market.
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    Obviously, this covers your housing costs over a 5 year projection but inflation to labor, materials, and taxes aren’t taken into consideration to any market. What I’m trying to get at is the raises they are trying to sell us can’t by the same loaf of bread in 5 years if inflation continues to rise.
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    I had bacon for breakfast this morning. It was just as good as you remember.
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    The wages are less than they save with a combo driver at their top rate. THATS AT THE END OF THEIR PROGRESSION. Hmmmm Try again UPS. Not buying it. That’s comparing just one year to my 5 years of wage.
  13. DOK

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    Seems like they’re trying to pay for the new combo drivers with our reduced hours, almost like we’re funding this whole thing.
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  14. Superteeth2478

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    What, you mean management is literally meeting with stewards and trying to get them to encourage the membership to vote "yes", knowing that the steward's words will have more weight?

    I'm proud to say that management hasn't tried that with me...only one has ever tried to make any kind of deal with me, and he's stupider than most. They all already know I can't be bought...
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    At least it's management trying to manipulate the vote there. Here it's the union. Pretty much all the shop stewards here are on board, and the ones that are vocally against it are getting talked to by union higher ups. Got a meeting in about a month where they'll talk about why the contract is good and we should vote yes. I'll go and see what they have to say, but I suspect there won't be anything ground breaking in there.
  16. Jones

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    Here the company and our local are getting together to host "Vote Yes" parties. From what I understand they are basically going to be cook outs where reps from the company and the local will talk about what a great deal the contract is. They will have ballot sheets already marked "yes" if you turn one in you will get a free hamburger/hotdog (your choice).
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  17. Inthegame

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    Oh boy, looks like another headline article on the World Socialist Web Site.
  18. STL Cards

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    Most wanted reduced hours right?
  19. browned out

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    The majority of current package car drivers want the right to Overtime. The majority of current FT package car drivers want 9.5 hours + per day. Otherwise the 9.5 lists would be above the approximate 10% of current package car drivers. Our building has a 0% of drivers on the 9.5 list. UPS knows what # of drivers are on the 9.5 list corporate wide. I would think the Teamsters Union knows the 9.5 # of current employees as well. We will never see that list.

    I am sure the UPS corporate projection if this CBA passes is a major increase in profits and dividends.

    Below is a sample of how the UPS teamster employees will pay for this...and fund this contract.....and lose $.

    The small increase in part time wages, the elimination of the extra $1 an hour for part-time skilled labor sorters, preloaders and others, the savings from using low wage 22.4s, the guarantee of 22.4s to 40 hours while Current FT package car drivers are not guaranteed 40 hours, the elimination of Full Time Seniority Drivers wages due to routes being cut on Mondays, Tuesdays, etc., the elimination of OT being offered to Full Time Drivers before 22.4's , and on and on.

    What is the Teamsters Unions Teamcare Health Plan implication of this new CBA?

    UPS and the Teamsters are literally asking FT drivers to Vote for a pay cut. Unbelievable it is all too believable; Its disgusting.. See the UAW/Fiat Chrysler scandal for a spinet of what occurs to be happening here.
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  20. Days

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    Unbelievable. Lol! That's just taking advantage of people that don't know any better. They really are so eager to get this contract passed so they can celebrate the concessions.