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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by The manic loader, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. The manic loader

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    First I would like to say hello to all. I have been coming on this site for about a year now. And, i have been helped out alot by you all. Many question i have had I could type in the search and bam bo answer.

    Ok, with that out the way i would like to give some advice.

    Just go with it. You will meet some very interesting people don't be afraid to get to know your peers. Meet the full time and part time sups. Check out how its ran. At first you will be wondering what in the flip is going on and why can't i leave. Just remember you will not be there forever.

    I am a loader and at first it was very rough on me mentally and physically. The mental part for myself was the part time supervisor riding mento hurry up. I came here and got the answer to that problem and it was these words " I am working as fast and as safe as i can." It didn't make things magically change but my supervisor became more understanding. Which allowed me to master my techniques of loading.

    I will give you some advice on loading. Practice on neatness and setting yourself up to take a hit. The neater you are the faster you will be.

    Physically it was hell. I came in at 300 pounds and outta shape. That changed because now i am at 232 pounds and can move like the wind.

    Lastly, work hard. It may sound redundant however in my experience you get a ton of leeway like them not sweating if your a few minutes late. And dont be afraid to help others it will help the time go by and also allow you to get some extra hours $$$$$$.

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    If you need socks, were here for ya'.
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  3. Genesis2

    Genesis2 New Member

    Thank you your advice was really helpful. Today was the start of my 30days and 29more to go... I'm trying to get my technique down.. Questions I have for you is, do you write on every packages with crayon?
  4. The manic loader

    The manic loader New Member

    Genesis i have been seeing crayons just laying around the hub, I always wondered what they were for.
  5. Genesis2

    Genesis2 New Member

    I was given those to write on as many packages as I can
  6. jbg77

    jbg77 Active Member

    I would say as a loader that I write this him on about 90% of the pieces especially if they are in a place that they aren't supposed to be ex. 1400 on the floor because of size. As a ptcd I rarely look at the hin number because Im looking to confirm the address.
  7. Genesis2

    Genesis2 New Member

    Today is my 3rd day loading and my 1st of my 30. I load twice last week... Then I was called bk on Thursday I was offered the job. They did my background so I returned today. Last Friday was my last day. Do you consider that a quick turnaround for? They like my hustle and attitude...I was told I get better as time goes on a sup is helping me and training me
  8. olroadbeech

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    i admire your enthusiasm. however , in time ,you will be back talking about how much ups sucks and asking for advice about all the harassment, or being fired, or how all the supes are jerks.

    one positive note. you dont need to pay for a gym and you can look at this job as being paid to lose weight and be healthy. good for you.
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  9. Box Ox

    Box Ox Well-Known Member

    Work too hard and you'll become one of the center heavies with the worst and/or most routes to load every day. It's nothing personal with the sup. He/she will just know you're the key to making the daily numbers and pour it on you.

    Don't ever put yourself in a situation where leeway might be required. Might seem like you've got a comfortable situation going until a sup pulls a 180 one day and throws the book at you to satisfy the higher ups.
  10. By The Book

    By The Book Well-Known Member

    Dude, are you a driver or a loader?
  11. burrheadd

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    The crayons are a test
    Trying to see if you can write your name
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  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Read the 6th word of his first post.
  13. MendozaJ

    MendozaJ Active Member

    It doesn't matter what we do. You work as instructed for another 29 days. You will get OJS very soon if they hadn't done so already.

    Very early during my first peak, while maniacally loading 5 trucks, and it's the winter with the bay doors open with a wind chill of -10, and everything is late, packages are stacked, trucks blown out, drivers looking at me like "look at this this effin guy," my exasperated sup is watching me scribble on every package and finally says, ":censored3: THE CRAYON." And so I did. A little over a month later sup says, "USE THE CRAYON." And so I did. I'm still here. :-)
  14. Genesis2

    Genesis2 New Member

    Yeah... I know the going will get tough and the honeymoon will be over... That comes with the territory.
  15. Genesis2

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  18. The manic loader

    The manic loader New Member

    This is news to me. What is the reason for writing on the packages? We just scan the package. If its not right I will be alerted and a notification will appear on the screen of my scanner. I think the crayon would have been a deal breaker. That could be over 3,000 boxes with my scribble on em. Nah!
  19. The manic loader

    The manic loader New Member

    Gotcha, I may have to give you some background. No matter what area I'm placed in and no matter what task I am given I approach it as an opportunity to separate myself from the pack and thats just not at UPS.

    I work hard because Its natural to me. Its normal, I see the task and approach it aggressively. The trailer I work in gets the work each night. In our area its three of us. A sorter and two loaders. We load a 2 -shortys and 2- 53" 4 trailers in all. Its just us. We might have a supervisor, we might not. Since I started last January of 2015 I have had 8 supervisor. One quit and the others moved on in the hub. So let me ask when I get a jam who can i call on? When I need my sides picked up, whos going to pick em up. When I am getting hit I mean smacked! Who can i depend on to help me out. ME! That is who because my co-workers is getting smacked also. And we move to the next truck get smacked until someone looks at the numbers and sees whats happening. Do you want to know a good feeling, its when I am in a trailer working and over hear on radio "only one on plan in building." And then I hear the PPH 4 something or 5 something, its a good feeling. And I don't complain and throw a temper tantrum and whine, i just get it in.

    Now this is the kicker they might snatch my homeboy up real quick and now guess what? I'm loading four trucks. And the whole time i haven't said a word, not one complaint, not one curse word. I just separate myself from the rest. Timing and techniques is what I worked on.

    I always call if im going to be a few minutes late and since I use public transportation to get too and from work, I make sure I get to work early. Rain, sleet, hail or snow i am at that bus stop getting to work no excuses and mangement knows this, because I see them everyday. They can come and speak with me at anytime. As a matter of fact i see them everyday. Leeway is not just being late Its ambiguous.

    Also, if my supervisor did decide to, "180," I would do 180 right with him and slow down to the PPH that i am supposed to do and watch everything come to a halt. Belts going to stop, sorts stops, backes out all way to the primary just because I choose to follow the rules and do a PPH OF 350 instead of a 480. Now guess whos in the hot seat. Its a team effort and I approach it that way.

    "Comfortable" how dare you insult me.
  20. Dr.Brownz

    Dr.Brownz Well-Known Member

    UPS deserves no favors. They are are evil corporation. Satan himself works in the corporate office.

    If UPS wants the packages to go out faster, they can hire some more people. There is no reason to destroy your body for a corporation that will throw you out like a soiled diaper the minute something goes wrong.