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    I've given this some thought the last few days and like I usually do,decided I really don't give a crap if people like what I have to say or not...I'm saying it anyway.
    To the ones here who think the posts about the state of UPS and how it treats their employees are nothing but people "whining",you are the ones turning a deaf ear on the problems here and allowing it to happen. Did you ever stop and think why so many posts are about low morale,poor working conditions and overall abuse by management at all levels? Maybe because it's FACT and I for one won't be silenced by the Big Brown Machine. Yes,they employ me,but I'm no ones bitch. I work hard for every penny as do you. They don't give us money,we earn it. But don't confuse earning a living with it being ok to be manipulated for corporate greed.
    All that being said our company remains profitable and viable. But when we went public it was the end of UPS as we knew it. What was once a company servicing it's customers is now a company catering to it's shareholders. And guess what,when the shareholders get scared off by declining profit margins and stop investing in our brand we are done. Might not happen tomorrow,but it WILL happen. In the meanwhile they will continue their unfair labor practices which violate our contract every single day. Hope now maybe you see where all the "whining" comes from. If you don't,you will just continue to be part of the problem. And I'll continue "whining"!!!

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    You will be back
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    Ok, agreed, now why are you leaving us? I do not get that part. Great post by the way.
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    YouKnowWhoIam = UpsSalesGuy?
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    I doubt that! Sales was never nice to me!
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    We always do sooner or later.
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    Who was that guy? Ihavenoideawhothatwas.
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    This is my final post of the night, maybe. Im shopping for a bed. Tempupedic or sleep number? Or....
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    What a shock.
    Guess who the real stock holders are?
    Example of one, and his profits.
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    Just as long as I don't have to deliver it.
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    I remember when I drove a P-500 and delivered king-sized Sleep Number beds. They got delivered early during my Next Day Air run so I could have some elbow room.
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    Roger that! Want a free NDA, just order a big ass package.
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    It seems weird to be clicking on this thread everyday to check out the new post and the thread is named, "MY FINAL POST" it?
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    Isn't that turtle kid?

    Edit; If you're gunna go, go gonzo