My heart goes out to this UPS Driver and the crash victims

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    very little info so too early to reply on the company driver's side...

    my condolences to the Scott family...
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    We heard about this today during are PCM. From google earth (Route 119 in North Union, Fayette County) is a major highway. What idiot would stop in a traffic lane on a major highway and leave there kids in the car??? This is why when you break down or have a flat tire you pull you vehicle over as far as you can off the road then you get everyone out of the vehicle and in a safe place.

    My thought and prayers are with the UPS driver.....
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    What stinking right do you have to be judge and jury - calling this woman an IDIOT?
    She made a mistake.
    She thought she could take care of the problem herself.
    She died.
    Two kids lost their mother.
    A driver, one of us, is responsible for the death of a stranger, someone's mother and wife.
    It feels really crappy.

    I am sure the driver involved is not doing well...

    My prayers are with all involved.
    My prayers are with everyone reading this post...
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    I call it as I see it.

    That is what is wrong with today society everyone wants to sugar coat everything. Just because the truth hurts doesn't mean you sweep it under the rug....

    "Darwin Award" candidate
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    I appreciate the AWARD.
    Truth hurting?
    What if the truth turns out to be driver fault?

    Sugar coat?

    How about getting the big picture?
    She was a ground object not a billboard.
    Why didn't the driver change lanes or slow down?
    Was the driver distracted?
    Was the driver blind?
    How is that for truth?

    Or did the driver AIM HIGH in Steering and she was the real live not imaginary target?
    Or was his way out directly at her?
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    The new law that took effect in CA. in Jan. says if there's workers, cops, breakdowns, etc on the right shoulder....the lane nearest has to move to the left and if that is not possible you have to slow by 20 MPH. Around here, the Caltrans workers are always getting hit.
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    IF it wasn't for the car being parked in a traffic lane on a major highway this wouldn't have happen.

    look at a map of Uniotown, pa and look at RT 119 it a major highway

    More info on the accident.
    Woman killed, children injured in W. Pa. crash - 33 News - We Believe in This Valley
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    That should be the law in every state.
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    Az enacted a similar law More. For the same reason. Az enacted a law many years ago, the Gore Law. It says that motorists are not allowed to cross the solid line getting onto and off freeways. That y shaped zone between the on and off ramps and the freeway lanes. That is because many years ago a DPS officer was killed by a motorist doing just what the law now says is illegal.

    Gore (road) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia