My poor pop would be rolling in his grave!

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    What in the world happened to UPS? I was raised by my grandparents. My pop worked for UPS and retired at 35+ years safe driving. This man received awards, you name it. He was the longest working guy at his terminal at the time of his employment. I grew up in the UPS family. His co-workers and the other drivers were like my 2nd family. Granted this was back in 1996-97? Since then my pop passed away, I grew up, got married, and had a family....and now my husband, who is also a truck driver wants to drive for them in the worst way. The same thing i had growing up from this company is what i want for my family. Heres my gripe: UPS career page lies about their job postings, unless they screw up alot. secondly, the Human resorces lady that comes to the interviews, at least in NEPA is the most ignorant, cocky, woman i ever met!!!! This woman literally put the tractor trailer drivers down and smeared their rep thru the dirt, she praised the little brown truck drivers. WHOA! what ever happened to EOP????? doesnt matter what position you have thru this company, shouldnt everybody be treated equally?
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    Isn't that the Poconos?
    Love that place...
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    Yeah, its the general area. My pop worked out of the hometown/tamaqua terminal
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    "Everybody treated equally"

    Sorry sis but those days are long gone

    Now it's survival of the fittest

    Or how much :censored2: you can kiss
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    Totally agree there!
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    UPS has many different standards.
    Most people think Double Standards but there are many standards.
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    He worked for the company when the Customer was most important.
    Sadly today though, keeping the stockholders happy is more important!
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    Delivering a box with screws falling out of it and just not caring. How did we even get here?
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    I drive an automatic.
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    Hired you?
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    True and I can remember when UPSs most important asset was their employees.
    Now it's the UPS Brand.
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    Honestly, you may be family, but unless you work there, it's really difficult for you to relate to what type of life your pop had there. Add to that! UPS has changed a lot. Not in a good way, unfortunately.
    There is quite a bit of dislike from some management people towards feeder. Probably just as much as many hourly have towards HR. Pretty much, many of us see Human Resources as useless, with the exception of some. But those are the exceptions. Pop may not have had as great a time as you think. But that's difficult to say unless I worked in his Hub or center.
    Years ago, managers really did have a lot of integrity (my opinion) and strive to be straight forward. Not anymore! It's whatever it takes to get those numbers, or get whatever task is on the table today. But many of today's management really aren't (what I consider) true UPS'ers. They are either gone, or can't wait to get out. HR really seems to have a bug up their butts now. Not sure why. Could be many things. Everybody is getting beat up at UPS now. Management and hourly alike. The new guys are on fire, but that fire will be put out soon. Everyone is just trying to hang on now. The business plan really is sorta good. UPS management at the top has managed to create on big freakin pressure cooker. Everyone scared, everyone's trying to hang on to their job, and everyone is screwing the other guy. What a great business plan, huh?
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    How come so much dislike towards HR
  14. Monkey Butt

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    It is self-serve now.
    HR Reps reduced by 90%.
    Just involved in hiring mostly now.
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    This ain't the same company your pop worked for.
    Those days are gone ........, forever.
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    I can remember mgmt. driving 70 miles one way (personal vehicle) to get a ground misload to the correct center, so it could be delivered.

    Now, they don't care if our NDA is late.
  17. Monkey Butt

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    UPS's new slogan - Good Enough

    That was back when a center manager had 30 drivers maximum and 3 on-car sups.

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    your pop was probably a good guy and did not bring his work problems home with him. my dad only told me the good things about his job. he still doesn't say bad things about his job that he retired from 34 years ago.

    my mom told me the truth. about the stress or harassment and the rest of the downside. she just told me those things about five years ago.

    your pop was fortunate to work for UPS in "the good ol days. " i heard stories too about the BBQ's and the package guys drinking with the managers at the bar on friday nights. they even parked the pc's at the bar. it was kind of like a family then.

    those days are long long long gone. all we all are is a number and whether we can make a maximum profit for the company. they will take what they can get from you and you should take what you can get from the company.
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    No animus Burrhead in what I'm about to say, but how many people do you have dislike for that have treated you good? Point being, generally there is a reason why someone doesn't give praise to someone or something. It just works it's self out that way (most of the time).
    But I really don't have as much dislike as I may have appeared. I'm thinking of one HR person right now, that I have known for almost 30 years. When she went into HR, she wasn't bad. In-fact, the others in the office were good too. Maybe almost 7-10 years ago attitudes started to appear. Then, I felt I was screwed over by two of them in the last 5 years (regarding the predesignated doctor form). BTW The predesignated doctor form is something everyone should do, but good luck with enforcing it. I had a bad time with it.
    Anyway, after those last years - I did have a negative feeling towards HR. The HR office also seemed staffed differently now (less staff). The focus in HR is different now. I'm sure it's the company's focus. HR is going to focus only on subject that are required. HR was originally meant to be a sort of middleman, avoiding and solving problems if needed. Unless legally threatening, don't plan on HR being a middleman.
    But yet - after I retired, I ran across someone in HR who could not have been more helpful. There were a few things that still had to be tended too after I had left, and I literally told the wife to forget it. I was gone and HR wasn't going to do a damn thing now. I was wrong, or I was lucky. But this woman helped me very much to the end, EVEN AFTER I HAD RETIRED! But the fact that is was a surprise to me, sorta says something to me, maybe not others.