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    In regards to the raise delay, it will help pad numbers for the 1st quarter of the fiscal year, allowing FedEx to show the stockholder's that the measures they have taken are working. I believe the paperwork states raises will be discussed in October, not necessarily implemented, allowing them to have flexibility in padding numbers leading up to peak if they have to.

    We are losing, if they are not gone already, truck dispatchers and are getting truck coordinators. The equivalent of stations not rating 'leads'; therefore, the company can pay these 'coordinators' at a lower rate than dispatchers.

    Our senior said Xp packages will phase out to ground, I honestly can't speculate on the time frame, but he also said 2day will move over as well. With the implantation of the new ground barcodes, this will allow for ground transportation of 2days as well as air transportation for those across the country.

    A week or so ago we had a meeting with our senior and district manager... WOW, could they make it any more obvious?

    He randomly started talking about 'job security' and how he works at FedEx because he knows he'll have a job tomorrow, not 100% because of the pay. He did say the pay is a good thing but the job security is a great thing. He dragged that on for about 10 minutes, and then the DM started talking about how we are all under the same umbrella... I'm not inferring that he implied our jobs are at stake, I am saying though, that FedEx knows express is talking and that was their attempt to calm the waters.

    I've also considered the option of filing bankruptcy, this will allow more restructure if the current measures don't satisfy the stockholders, they could in turn re-negotiate huge cost (i.e. Pilots) and get out of long leases that are huge overhead burdens.
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    They are profitable. They can't file bankruptcy when they have money to pay their obligations.
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    That is true, I didn't even think about that.
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    Theyre blowing smoke. The net is a tool that affords us abilities the last generation never had. All you need do is google the companies stock symbol to see exactly how much they have, made and are worth. You look at the spread sheet and hold your nose next time they tell you bankruptcy.
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    No one is talking bankruptcy. He was just saying FedEx might use bankruptcy as a tool to get out of expensive obligations. Not possible as long as they are profitable.
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    Yes, I have not heard anyone discuss bankruptcy, it was merely something I considered a possibility. I didn't take into account that the stock is over $100 and they pay out dividends. For some reason, I assumed they would pull an accounting trick, and show express in the red and file bankrupty as though it was it's own entity.
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    And if they did the Securities Exchange Commission would be arresting them. They have fiduciary responsibilities to the stockholders, and plenty have gone to prison for trying such things.
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    Very sad indeed. It just doesn't make sense for a package that travels by air to be delivered by a truck that says ground on it.
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    The coordinator position was eliminated a long time ago. Some RT's up until recently have still been using the coordinator job designation. That ended within the last year and the coordinators went back to being drivers and TCA's were hired to take over the job duties of coordinators. Of course the TCA's are getting paid like $8 an hour less than a driver/coordinator, but are expected to run the operation like a manager.